• Sales

    Hello All, Firstly, sorry if this question has been asked already but I was wondering if anyone had any insight as to how someone who has been technical for over 8 years could get into a sales position and also, what...
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  • To CCIE DC or to not CCIE DC

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  • software engineer Vs network engineer career

    hi all,   Is it true that a software engineer enjoys more perks and incentives, flexibility, financial security, quick career progression and more opportunities Vs network engineer who has few and rare good cha...
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  • Points

    Hi all   can someone please tell me about the point system, and how do you earn points and what are the points for
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  • Disappointed with Pearsonvue treatment

    Hello All,     This is my first time posting a complaint ever but I have gotten this frustrated. I have two examples in which Pearonvue totally took my money. Last year I scheduled the CCNP switch exam to ...
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  • Cisco CCNA Complaint about Exam Partner Pearson Vue. VERY VERY BAD SERVICE

    To: Cisco Systems Customer Care if there is one,   I am writing this letter here as I do not know who to talk to or loge a complaint with about Pearson Vue and Cisco.   CISCO, I hope you see this message a...
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        Hello Cisco Community,   I have a question. Can we run two routing protocols in DMVPN cloud. i.e some devices with  OSPF and some devices with RIP. Our development team test some devices with...
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  • If I'm using Server on Packet do I still need to use VM Maestro

    If I'm using Server on Packet do I still need to use VM Maestro
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  • Cisco Association

      Hi ,   Need some help regarding Cisco Certification association to companies.   I have paid for all my Cisco certifications.   My current company is trying to force us to associate our...
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  • Is Java a good language to learn for a network engineer, or should I learn Python?

    Actually I like Java code style more since it looks very similar to C#, which I used to work with when I was in university. But It seems that Python is much more popular in networking. What language is actually better...
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  • Passing Score

    Hello, I'm about to take my ICND1 exam.  Pass or Fail, Will I know my score after the exam?
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  • OSPF and Loopback interface

    I have 2 loopback interfaces configured on a router. None of the 2 comes up as the router ID for OSPF. Instead the highest IP address on the physical interface becomes the router ID. I have reloaded the router and eve...
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  • Is CCIE certification still worth it?

    Hello Everyone,   Currently I have CCNP & CCDP certifications which will expire in few months. I don't want them to expire so i am just wondering if i should go for CCIE exam or something else? Is CCIE still...
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  • Where can I find employment/career opportunities for entry-level security analysts?

    Any specific resources or job openings you know of? I'm getting my CCNA Cyber Ops very soon and would like to start a career in this field. I work with a couple of IT staffing agencies and have some presence in onl...
    Alex D
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  • scratch-pad-addr-fail-cisco router 3845

    We had a power outage and when it finally came back our cisco router 3845 (via console) displayed a bunch of these errors. I can't even get into the boot rom mode. I can't seem to find anything in the groups or Ci...
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  • Can we still get CISCO wallet card for CCNA.

    Please someone give me a link how to order a wallet card for the certification I earned.
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  • Configure direct internet access in cisco router 1811 ????

    I need to Configure direct internet access in cisco router 1811 with dhcp and nating , and i have one static ip from isp
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  • How To Break The Wpa2 Psk KEY Using Key Reinstallation Attack?

    How To Break The Wpa2 Psk KEY Using Key Reinstallation Attack?
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  • I need to simulate IOSXE like on Cat4500X.  What image should I use for XE?

    To simulate IOS XE what image do I need to use?  I am spinning up distribution layer using Cat4500x. Are there other images that I can add outside of what I see on my VIRL server by default?
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  • cyber ops

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