• Is CCIE certification still worth it?

    Hello Everyone,   Currently I have CCNP & CCDP certifications which will expire in few months. I don't want them to expire so i am just wondering if i should go for CCIE exam or something else? Is CCIE still...
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  • Anish Kunisetty:  Inspired to Excel in IT

    Cisco Certification Success Story        “From my early childhood, I remember hearing this quotation and even in my career today, I still feel it is important. The quotation states: ...
    Rachel D
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  • Need some Career Advices !

    Hi, i am currently working for a company as IT support Technician, i am graduated from a British University on Computing and Networking. i am not happy with my current job role, want to see my self on a good position ...
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  • Changing career to Networking. How to get placed in a good organization?

    Hello Everyone,   I am currently working as an Embedded System Designer, 3 years since I started. I am in the process of changing my career to Networking. I am well versed in computer hardware and software. &nb...
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  • Is it possible to get network engineer position with CCNA R&S?

    I have been working in SPOC of one of the main Russian telcos (I work and live in Russia, Moscow) for more than 4 years by the moment. I received CCNA R&S one month ago and now I'm studying for CCNA Security. I wo...
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  • Hacer Backup routes entre VRF's

    Saludos amigos, quisiera saber como puedo hacer un una ruta de respaldo para el trafico que sale a Internet. La situacion es la siguiente En el router hay dos VRF configurados un VRF A y otro VRF B Hay 3 rutas esta...
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  • Cisco CCNA Complaint about Exam Partner Pearson Vue. VERY VERY BAD SERVICE

    To: Cisco Systems Customer Care if there is one,   I am writing this letter here as I do not know who to talk to or loge a complaint with about Pearson Vue and Cisco.   CISCO, I hope you see this message a...
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  • I passed my CCNA and a bit of history behind it!!!!

    Hello to the Cisco Learning Community, I don't usually share my accomplishments or failures, but this time I felt  like doing it, since I am a regular visitor to this site. Seven years ago I moved to the USA look...
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  • Is it possible to move from SPOC to engineer position if I have received CCNA R&S ?

    I have been working in SPOC of one of the main Russian telcos (I work and live in Russia, Moscow) for more than 4 years by the moment. I received CCNA R&S one month ago and now I'm studying for CCNA Security. I wo...
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  • Career Paths

    Good day!   There are so many interesting career paths (R&S, Security, data center, wireless, etc.)...   I've looked for a long time to see what the different job roles are like, but there is such litt...
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    Hi guys, i am planning to take a cisco certification and i’m not sure where to start. I have a bachelors degree in Information Technology and now i am planning to have a certification in networking field should ...
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  • IPTV and CCNA Video Certification

    I have begun to do more research on Cisco careers and I was wondering if there is any particular aspect or subject matter that touches upon digital media and entertainment?   So far, I have come across topics l...
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  • Basic Switch Management Tasks

    Cisco's documentation states these are "Basic Router Management Tasks": Providing a router hostname Setting up passwords Disabling DNS lookup Setting up logging Setting timestamps for logging and debugging Defin...
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  • Cyber-ops Scholar prerequisite exam in step-2.

    @ Hello ,   I am Jose, have certified in CCNA R&S.Since want to procure my career in cyber security,i have registered for the cisco cyber ops scholar program.   I hava received an invitation from cisc...
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  • guidance request

    Hello dear guys   I'm Mostafa from Iran.i have many problem casue harsh sanctions of US government to my country for reach cisco books and learning videos straightforward any visa card or master card dosent supp...
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  • BSc Degree Suggestions urgently requested

    Hello,   I have recently completed by schooling and now I am ready to start by Bachelors however I need suggestions with the following questions:   Q1: Which degree should I pursue? Is BSc Computer Network...
    Waleed - WiKi Networks
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  • Cisco Meraki Access point Trunk port to cisco L3 switch help

    hi guys   Need help with cisco meraki access point setup please. We have servers and clients Vlan in two different vlans example Servers on Vlan 400 and Clients on vlan 100, Staff vlan 200. now we got meraki acc...
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  • Certificate guide

    how to get my CCNA certificate ???
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  • Cisco Career Path

    Hi All,   I'm at a bit of a crossroads in terms of choosing a career path in the field of Telecom Networking and/or Cloud Computing services. My background is in software engineering as a fresh CS grad and my opt...
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  • Quick question regarding certifications

    There is something which is not clear for me and I can't find the definitive answer. When I hold CCNA have to pass any exam that would be at CCNA or higher level - that's clear. How this applies to CCNP? Do I have to ...
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