• My customer (external) is trying to download. Is there a link I can send him?

    My customer (external) is trying to download. Is there a link I can send him that contains the images?
    John Donoghue
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  • Study Partner Wanted!

    Hey Guys / Gals   I passed my CCNA Routing and switching last month and would like to start CCNA Security, I would like to study and partner up with someone(s) so we can motivate and help each other, share infor...
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  • Understanding Redistribute Direct on Nexus

    Hi expert,   I want to ask about redistribute direct on my nexus, this is the topology:     In box EXT you can see there is configure redistribute direct to OSPF. What I am undestanding is only dis...
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  • No free Certification Kit for CyberOps?

    No free Certification kit for CCNA Cyber Ops? I got my CCNA R&S certification kit for free before, now i cannot see any free option.
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  • looking for training institute

    hi, please cant someone help me am looking for a ccie security training center eitherin Canada, Usa Uk or Dubai
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  • CCNA CyberOps Scholarship Cohort 6 not received any email

    Hi, I've been selected for Cohort 6 (April Cohort) but last email i received was in  November 2017 stating to update my profile and once again reminding that my cohort is starting at April 6. Until the date i di...
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  • Cisco VIRL - Status check is failing. It may be temporary and resolve itself after a few minutes, or else should be fixed by resetting the configuration.

    I had to reinstall VIRL due to a corrupted VMWare issue. VIRL was working previously the day before, but since I created a new VM for VIRL, I keep getting this error message. My license info is SVsf4dXm.virl.info, ...
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  • understanding ip bgp summary state prefix

    hi expert,     can you explain what exactly of the value 146 state/pfxrcd from show ip bgp summary?     I know there is number of receiving prefix from neighbor, but its not same v...
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  • Connecting to the Console of a Catalyst 3750 with a Rollover cable

    Hello,   I'm trying to connect to a Catalyst 3750 with a Rollover cable I made that's RJ-45 to RJ-45 but it's not working.  I also tried a straight through cable RJ-45 to RJ-45 and no luck.  I verified...
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  • Yes i know.. Another question about a CCNA lab setup

    Dear community, I am faced with a small dilemma which I unfortunately can not find a good answer to. I hope that one of you can give me an answer to this. I am preparing my "CCNA" lab. This is what I bought: ...
    Steven Christiaanen
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  • How many Broadcast domain and collision domain will be there in a 48 port switch having 24 VLANS defined in it?

    Hi All,   I am new to the Forum please if anybody can explain How many Broadcast domains and collision domains will be there in a 48 port switch having 24 VLANS defined in it?
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  • No VIRL GUI:Post VIRL installation & configuration on VMware Workstation

    Hi, I recently subscribed to VIRL. I downloaded .ova file. File is verified as per initial steps. Followed initial configuration steps - like creating & assigning VM network adapters etc. I imported .ova file for...
    created by Naresh
  • VM Maestro - not allowing me to add a node on the canvas

    I just installed VIRL and VM Maestro and am attempting to add my first node onto the canvas.  When I click on a node and then click to add it on the canvas, I get a circle with a slash through it indicating that ...
    created by Steven
  • TSHOOT Lab 24.2

    For TSHOOT Lab 24.2, I wasn't able to get graded. Is it a bug? Did anybody see the same issue?   Thanks, Cathy
    created by cwu
  • CCIE Cloud

    With the CCNP Cloud being distinct from the CCIE Data Center, will we see a CCIE Cloud in the future as well?
    created by ping_addict
  • How to add books on Cisco e-Reader

    Hello folks , I have bought Cisco press books for my CCNP studies. Recently I came to know about cisco e-reader app. I downloaded the app and logged in but i don't know how to register my books to get them in the re...
    Devesh Mishra
    created by Devesh Mishra
  • CCNA VOIP: When do we really need DSPs?

    Hello, everyone. I am beginner to VOIP world and preparing with CBTNuggets series authored by Jeremy. Everything is going fine but I have stack in one concept for couple of days: DSPs. I understood that DSPs have capa...
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  • CLI is locked in packet tracer?

    I am doing a practice test on packet tracer before my midterm and wondering why the cli would be locked I know why the config tab would be but unsure why the cli would be locked can anyone tell me the steps needed to ...
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  • Limiting output of show commands?!

    Hello, everyone. I would like to clear one question in my head. My friend is a intern in one IT company and he has been given a task to perform by working show commands in lan devices. As soos as he logged into device...
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  • Electronic certificate order

    When I placed an order for electronic certificate, I got a confirmation receipt saying that the total amount is $0.00 USD. Is the certificate free of cost? Has my order really been placed?
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