• ACLs for enabling FTP traffic

    I'm studying ACLs in packet tracer, and i want to allow ftp traffic to a ftp server. I created the following ACL: Extended IP access list 101   10 permit tcp any host eq www   20 permit tcp a...
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  • Disabling NAT on WRT300N

    Hello everyone, is it possible to disable NAT on WRT300N in Packet Tracer?   Thanks
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    While using Telnet, suppose we make use of local username/password database using "login local" command on the vty lines, I see that when there are no users in the database and the command is put under vty lines it&nb...
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  • BGP_Router: unhandled major event code 128, minor 0

    Hi Team,   Have you ever seen this message on your router`s logs before? This is for a Cisco 7204VXR, IOS Version 15.1(4)M1. I couldnt find anything on the web related to these logs. Everything seems to be worki...
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  • PacketTracer 7.1 on Debian 9 Stretch does not work.

    I'm running Debian 9 with xfce4 in my lab. We are using the PacketTracer71_64bit_linux.tar.gz file. Steps: - decompress.  tar -xzf PacketTracer71_64bit_linux.tar.gz -chmod +x install ./instsll The install...
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  • Who offers CCNA/CCNP Security Rack Rental service?

    Call me a blind man but where are those rack rental services that everybody are talking about? A quick Google gives some hope for the Routing & Switching track, but who can I shoot with my credit card number to ge...
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  • VIRL Console Terminal Blank - Won't Accept Input or Show Output

    I am having trouble consoling into nodes.  The simulation launches as expected with all nodes coming up ACTIVE/REACHABLE.  However, when I console into any given node, a blank terminal screen, that won't acc...
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  • Can anyone tell me how i can find the lab is completed

    Dears,   I in process of completing SECFND can anyone helps how i can find my labs progress because i have completed my labs but in the LAB listing unable to see the status.   Thanks & Regards, Khurra...
    Khurram Khan
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  • Cisco ID!!

    Hello, I would like to know how long it takes to get a Cisco ID after registering for my first exam?   Regards Timothy
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  • Cisco Packet Tracer

    Hi, I'm new here so not exactly sure if this is the right place to post. I am currently studying a module called Routers and Routing Basics. We've been given a lab to do in packet tracer for setting up IPv6 static...
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  • HELP!! I"m going CRAZY with NAT from ipv4 to ipv6

    I am working on a Packet Tracer Lab for my CCNA course.   I can´t configure NAT to get acces to web servers from outside networks I can´t configure NAT to connect the ipv6 network with outside network...
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  • Network Administrator vs. Network Engineer

    Over the last several years of being in the networking field, I have been called many things, Network consultant, Network Analyst, Network Engineer, and most recently a Network Administrator.  In my current role,...
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  • Separating networking lab and home network.

    Here is my goal. I want to create multiple vlans and use one for my home networking just mainly to connect to the internet, run a regular netgear router (I have a nighthawk AC1900), and use the other as a lab network ...
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  • Suggestions regarding UCCX and scripting

    So far I know only basic of UCCX, like MACD resources and have little bit of script understanding. I want to learn UCCX along with Scripting and third party Apps like Tropo. Could you please suggest how I shall procee...
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  • Cisco 3750 Catalyst Switch Rate-Limit problem!

    Hi everyone. Our company is running metro-Ethernet service that is connecting customers to edge switch at several locations. In most of them we are using 3750 switch and for internet connection for clients we want to ...
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  • Using SFP module in Packet Tracer

    Hello, I'm trying to make 4 Gigabit links to 2911 router in Packet tracer. This router has 3 embedded GE ports so I added SFP module (HWIC-1GE-SFP) however I cant connect any cables to this module or insert SFPs.. i...
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  • Having trouble understanding Configuring Dynamic NAT, *to* Verifying and Troubleshooting NAT Configurations

    Stared at these for some time, and I even gave up on When I believe I have found the method for inputting in the proper NAT address pool information, of all the things in the world the Cisco-simulated route...
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  • In Packet Tracer, how do you configure a DNS server to do a recursive lookup on another?

    I have two DNS servers on an inter-network I'm working on. One is responsible for its own little network of servers and the other is meant to represent the ISP's DNS server. I want the ISP's DNS server to be able to d...
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  • Update Cisco ID to new profile

    Dear All,   I have created a new person vue profile and needs to update my cisco ID to my new profile  (it says pending). Any help will be highly appreciated .
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  • Certification Level

    Ann Marcus
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