• How to Configure Jumbo Frame on Nexus 7000 to UCS / Fabric interconnect

    Hii all, please help me.   I want to ask about jumbo frame, this my topology:         So, in agg1 and agg2 have port-channel 20 with vpc 20, connect to fabric interconnect. when ucs blad...
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  • Where should be firewalls should be placed??

    Mean for the best result where should be firewalls should be placed?
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  • Getting Cisco ID

    Hi Team,   Quick question. I've passed my CCNA R&S on August 31st, and I was wondering which would be my Cisco ID. The only information I received was an email from Acclaim through Cisco informing that I've ...
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  • Switch config explanation

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could explain what the following switch config means, or is doing, please?   mls qos map cos-dscp 0 8 16 26 32 46 48 56 mls qos srr-queue input bandwidth 90 10 mls qos srr-queue ...
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  • When will 300-101 300-115 & 300-135 go end-of-life

    Wanting to start down the CCNP road but want to know how long till the above exams are replaced
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  • Understanding WCCP on Catalyst 6509

    Hello,   I want to ask about Configuration WCCP on my Catalyst 6509. This is the topology:   This is WCCP configuration on my device   ip access-list standard WAVE permit 10.204.19....
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  • OSPF - like split-horizon mechanism?

    Hi guys,  Now the tables are turned and now I have a question or doubt.  I'm studying the router redistribution topic for the ROUTE exam. And got with this little scenario at the Foundation Learning Guide.&n...
    C1SC0M - CCNP,CWNA,Net+
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  • EIGRP and the variance command....

    I think I've finally got a handle on this and wanted to share what I've learned about the variance command in particular, but also about successors, feasible successors, and reported distance. It's a long read, but ho...
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  • Can I re-take CCNP switch after 2.5 years

    I passed CCNP SWITCH in late 2015 and just realized that I needed to finish other 2 within three years.    So, I am planning on re-taking CCNP SWITCH before it expires which will also expire my CCNA.   ...
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  • MQC (set precedence 5) or (set ip dscp ef)

    Hello all,   I was wondering as part of my CCIE studies, if someone asked me to mark VOIP traffic with expedited forwarding, which one of these two would be the better answer, or is it the same thing, as I think...
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  • How do I remove the unneeded interfaces on my VIRL VM?

    It seems that br1 - br4 are causing my firewall conniption fits and I want to delete them.  How?
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  • Secondary IP

    Hi Everyone,   Can anyone elaborate the concept of secondary IP and how many secondary IPs can be given to any interface ? Thanks in advance.
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  • How to Configure IGMP Snooping Layer 2 on Cisco Nexus 7000

    Hi all,   I have nexus 7018 with NX-OS 6.2.14. What i confused is how to configure igmp snooping on this device? Can you create the tamplate?   For information this the topology:       ...
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  • load balancing in RIP_OSPF redistribution

    R1 has loopback at; R5 has loopback at The routing table and ospf topology table of R1 is shown below: Q: As you can see, R1 receives 2 LSA about from two directions with same me...
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  • can't access consol on router

    HI every one   i'm traying to connect to cisco routers via consol and all i got is a blank screen   i used both putty and tera term, consol is USB/serial and i can use it very well with swithes,   r...
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  • Problem with HSRP on packet tracer

    This is the topology that I've built to test HSRP: Pinging the default gateway ( from PC results in a broadcast to all interfaces connected to the switch. Checking the switch's mac address table reveals...
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  • overload nat weird problem

    Hi...   good day to every one,   i have a cisco router connected to a huwawei modem via giga 0/1 and  then to the intenet, and connected to a LAN via giga 0/0.   this howawie modem can only take...
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  • No VIRL GUI:Post VIRL installation & configuration on VMware Workstation

    Hi, I recently subscribed to VIRL. I downloaded .ova file. File is verified as per initial steps. Followed initial configuration steps - like creating & assigning VM network adapters etc. I imported .ova file for...
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  • Should I reuse VLAN IDs across the different distribution blocks in my network?

    I'm building a campus network which implements the 3 layers hierarchical design model. The network is broken down into 6 separate "blocks" that each carry 3 different types of VLANs (data, voice and management). VLANs...
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  • Cisco ASA 5585 - Can't See Ping Connection

    Dear All,   I have cisco asa 5585 mode transparant, I can see the TCP and UDP connection of server in this box (with execute SHOW CONNECTION), but cannot see ICMP connection. I have been permit ICMP ANY ANY. D...
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