• Cisco Router - two exit points + Policy based routing

    Hello guys   Iam preparing for CCNP Route exam and one simple topology crossed my path yet i can not solve it. It feels ridiculous that after  quite some time investment in to studies i never saw it anywher...
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  • CCNA Certification expiration

    Hi guys\gals.   My CCNA certification will expire in October 2018.   Someone with Cisco experience told me that if I take one of the CCNP Routing and Switching exams before CCNA expires my CCNA certificati...
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  • NX-OSv Feature Licensing - VIRL 1.3

    Is there a way to get a more permanent license for NX-OS features after the grace period expires? in other words, is there a way to do away with the grace period for as long as the VIRL subscription is active?
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  • I came here because of your binary game.I wanted to learn about the binary system and hexi decimal system,I was amazed at how fast your game taught it to me.Of all the times Ive tried to understand it,I have never learned something so fast.Thank you.

    I am wondering where to go next.I am somewhat very new to all of this but am very interested in learning about it all after learning binary with your game.I would like to learn assembly language if you know of any tut...
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  • Reply from Destination host unreachable.

    I cant figure out where i went wrong. when i ping another pc i get this error?
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  • Question about Certification and Postgraduation

    I am planning to pursue certifications like CCNA, MCSE, CCNP, Linux and CompTIA A+ and N+ after completing BSc. Computer Science then I will be work in the companies for 2 years after that I am planning to pursue Post...
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  • Clarification needed regarding prerequisites for CCDP

    Hello Everyone!   I need to be sure that I have the prerequisites to take-up CCDP certification program.   I have passed the below exams in the months given.   1. Cisco Certified Network Associate Ex...
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  • If I recertify my CCIE via the Continuing Education program, is there a wait period before I can start on my next recertification?

    My CCIE R&S was in the "Suspend" state and I have just recertified via the Continuing Education program so am now "Active" until June 2019. I would like to start on my next recertifcation as soon as possible so as...
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  • Autoconfiguration

    Autoconfiguration Autoconfiguration automates network configuration to simplify deployment as well as assisting with moves, adds and additions of endpoints to the network.       Autoconfiguration Demo ...
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  • CCNA R&S Recert

    Im facing a recert this December for my CCNA R&S. Im confident Ill be pursuing the CCNP R&S path...However, I do find the CCNA Datacenter path very interesting too. I understand that in order to recert would I...
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  • CLI Simulator

    Hi All, I am in search for a way to practice configuring networks without the equipment and using Tera Term (or something almost like that) I have tried reallabs.org which is the best I can find so far- Wondering ...
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  • Melhores Práticas de Interconexões Físicas

    Boa noite a todos! Desculpem-me pela pergunta um pouco infantil, mas estou estudando para meu CCNA e vi que no material não é muito abordado o tema de melhores práticas para conexões físic...
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  • SD-WAN and NSX

    Hello. I am relatively new to the SD-WAN  and also VMware NSX. I want to know the difference between implementing a NSX managed by a vCenter and a SD-WAN implementation using a centralized controller. How are the...
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  • Fiber link between two Root bridges

    HI All   We are in a merge with neighbor company and need to connect both networks together via fiber link.   1) can we have a layer 3 link between the companies , then issue is The switches at one side ru...
    H Shaikh
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  • How to connect two or more cisco switches together

    I've been studying Cisco networking for about a year and there's something about cisco switches I'm having trouble understanding. How do you physically  connect two or more cisco switches together? And once they ...
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  • Wildcard mask variable range - related to ACLs.

    "Sometimes, you must use more than one ACL statement to match a range of subnets. For example, to match to, use and"   This blurb of text about wildc...
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  • Using distance command in OSPF to affect path selection

    As a mentor for several people going through the Cisco 360 learning program, I get asked some pretty darn good questions.  A recent one related to the self paced lessons.  Specifically in the IGP Lab 2 there...
    Mike Timm
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    Hi, i few moths ago a got the Wireless CCNA certification and I´m planning to get the Wireless CCNP certification and I want to start with the exam 300-360 WIDESIGN but i couldn´t find the study guide, can...
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  • CCNA - Recertification - CCDA Prep

    Hi all,   Im currently certified with CCNA-R&S and CCNA-Security. My next goal which pertains to my job is to go for the CCDA - 200-310 DESGN Exam.   Does that renew my other certs?   Where would...
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  • CCIE R/S INE Mock Labs vs Cisco Assessments vs Actual Exam

    I wanted to get some experiences from those who have taken the various pre-assessments/Mock labs on the market and get their thoughts on the these as it relates to the relative difficulty of the real lab exam.   ...
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