• Difficulty finding supplemental CCDP 300-320 Practice Exams aside from the Cisco Learning Library.

    Hello.  I am having a difficult time finding supplemental CCDP 300-320 Practice Exams aside from the Cisco Learning Library.  The Cisco Press Study Guide does not have the usual Pearson Activation Key like o...
    created by Anthony
  • IPsec and HMAC

    Hi all,   I know that with HMAC not only a hash is calculated but for this has also a private key is used which only the two Peers now. I read the following Cisco Press article:   The fundamental hash algo...
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  • How much number of vlan in RPVST mode Nexus 7000 and Nexus 9500?

    Dear All,   I wanna ask about limition vlan on RPVST mode in nexus 7000 ad nexus 9500. What i see on document : the limit vlans in RPVST mode (Nexus 9500) is 500, what happen if the limition reached? because...
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  • Cisco learning labs startup config are displayed minimal??

    Even when a ip or default gateway is configured it does not show it no vlan 1 entry visible when doing a sh run So if anyone knows how to see the full running config......
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  • Hardware Faults Log Filtration ?

    Hello,   I am configuring syslog and want to filter out hardware fault log which result in generation of alarm. So, I need help regarding keywords which appear in Hardware fault (SPA, PLIM, SFP, FP, MSC, FAN, P...
    created by Saud

    Hello everybody. Setting default-information originate in ROUTER1, I lose the OSPF neighborhood with ROUTER2. ROUTER2 issues the following messages:   - ROUTER2#  %ADJ-5-PARENT: Midchain parent maintenanc...
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  • Packet tracer Port Forwarding TFTP problems!

    We have a network with port forwarding set-up. we got HTTP and FTP working however when we test TFTP we keep getting errors and we cant seem to be able to find out how. i will list a screenshot packet tracer and the d...
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  • Status check is failing. It may be temporary and resolve itself after a few minutes,or else should be fixed by resetting the configuration.

    I continue to get the following error and the svr_validate output is attached: Failed to collect current salt contact status: Cisco contact was not established. This may be temporary. Please make sure the VIRL server...
    created by Jesse
  • Last name

    I don't have the last name and when I register Pearson Vue they want my last name how to solve this problem
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  • Best Paid online web content or site with Practice Labs and Remote content (Hardware) that covers CCNP Security Syllabus

    Please assist me with the best Paid online web content or site with Practice Labs and Remote content (Hardware) that covers CCNP Security Exams (SISAS, SNESS AND SIMOS) i already cleared SITCS because i had the hardwa...
    Chapwe Telebwe
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  • TACACS + in Virl

    Need help in setting up a TACACS+ Server using Virl, any help would be grateful. Thanks in advance.......
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  • Qos on 2960S platform

    Hello,   i'm currenlty configuring Qos on 2960S platform (IOS 15.0(2)SE11, here is my configuration :   Policy-map :   WS-C2960S-48LPS-L#sh policy-map   Policy Map PM_MARKING-POLICY  &nbs...
    created by Christophe
  • Web Services & Backend Programming

    Dear concerned,   I am a Systems Administrator with 1 year of experience relevant to eLearning systems such as Moodle and Limesurvey at my home university. After work, I dedicate a couple of hours to learn new s...
    created by Mohamad
  • GRE Tunnel with loopback interfaces as source and destination.

    Hello guys. I am having trouble creating a tunnel between the R-1 router and the R2 in the packet tracer using the loopback interfaces. I can see what 's wrong. (the packet tracer file is attached) Can anyone help?...
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  • Traffic redirection on vlan interfaces

    Hi guys i have a problem i hope some one can help me solve     i have 2 servers in vlan 2 and users in vlan 3 connected through 4507 switch   users access server 1 vlan 2 vla...
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  • How to configure Multicast Layer 2 on Nexus 7000

    I have problem with my multicast traffic, the topology like this:             Configuration on nexus 7000 Box 1: interface Vlan951   ip address   ip ospf ...
    created by william
  • Need to Bit Torrent PDLM for Cisco IOS Software, 1841 Software (C1841-IPBASE-M), Version 12.4(1c), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

    Hello Friends,   Can any1 share Bit Torrent PDLM file with me for below two devices. My email id is sandeepdhiman87@gmail.com   1. Cisco IOS Software, 1841 Software (C1841-IPBASE-M), Version 12.4(1c), RELE...
    Sandeep Dhiman
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  • CCNA Recertification Inquiry

    Hi All,   I have a simple question that need to be clarified. I have 3 CCNA(Introduction, R&S, Security) and all of them are from different dates, January, July and December. All of them are from the same y...
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  • can we change the port number 80 to random port let say 8880 through telnet? if so how can we do

    please help me out
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  • Nat Prefix Length

    Studying for CCNA Routing and Switching, and I am on configuring a NAT. One of the parameters for an address pool is either the subnet mask, or prefix length.   What exactly is a prefix length, and how do I c...
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