• Cisco ISE

    HI I am using Cisco ISE. I add mac address of user to Endpoints (Context Visibilit -->Endpoints -->Authentication). Then I add mac to  Endpoint Identity Group (Administrator --> Identity Management --&...
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  • Can someone please help me?  I can't activate because salt master rejected..

    WTF!!!  Over a month and no help.  OK Cisco you got my money this time....   Help!!!   Testing Connectivity to: [ us-1.virl.info => ] >>>> us-1.virl.info Connection...
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  • Very beginner subnet question

    Hello,   My instructor states that if you want to create multiple networks out of a subnet mask you burrow the host bits. I keep getting some questions wrong on this pretest regarding the number of usable networ...
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  • No VIRL GUI:Post VIRL installation & configuration on VMware Workstation

    Hi, I recently subscribed to VIRL. I downloaded .ova file. File is verified as per initial steps. Followed initial configuration steps - like creating & assigning VM network adapters etc. I imported .ova file for...
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  • s

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  • Route Map Question with SLA

    WAN 1: WAN 2:   Two WAN connection but you want only specific vlans to go out WAN2 if WAN 1 is down. When WAN 1 is back up, all traffic goes back to WAN 1. Is my thinking right?   ...
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    I scheduled to write my exam on 10 Feb 2019 I had few old cisco certification which I'm having since Dec 2012 , Feb 10, 2019 was expiry day of those certification it's visible on certification tracking system As ...
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  • Question re: Completion of CCNP Certification Tests

    Question #1: How long do I have to complete the (3) CCNP Exams/Tests upon passing the first one? Question #2: Upon passing a test, for example the ROUTE (300-101) in this version and several months later a new versi...
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  • L2 issues with Palo Alto in VIRL

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some thoughts on using the PAN virtual firewalls in VIRL.  I got the 8.1.3 qcow2 file from our PAN sales rep and followed the somewhat aged install guide on deploying the images in VIRL...
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  • Distribution Layer

    Hi eyerybody. Distiribution layer has only layer 3 links. Is it true ?  Can anyone explain it?
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  • cisco asa 5510

    Iam totally new here - I have cisco asa 5510 - it is connect to my laptop by ASDM-launcher through -only when I connect cable directly from ethernet port in laptop to the device. but there is no option to ...
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  • VXLAN Implementation

    Hi,   Can we deploy vxlan between two sites using nexus 5600 series? We don't want to deploy ACI or anything like this, just want to extend our LAN. Appreciate your suggestion.   Regards, Mohammad
    Hasan Mahamud Rana
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  • VPN

    Hello All, Let me start off saying i'm not a networking efficiando.  Can do simple tasks, but this is a bit more complex. We are using a tunnel anyconnect vpn to a 55x ASA.  Ouside vpn pool is
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  • CCNP exam - keyboard layout

    hi guys,   may anyone of you answer this question? i went into the ccnp switch and ccnp route exam and on every exam i did not had the change to write on of the following characters:   | - pipe ? - questi...
    Rene Boehme
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  • Add a linux host

    I'd like to add a Lnux ISO to a VIRL lab setup in order to install an app on the host and test its interaction with various Cisco platforms. Is this possible? If not, is it possible to have an external host interact w...
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  • hi , i am new in IPv6 protocol , if we have 2 Routers connected to the same network , when a station is connected to this network , Router solicitation and advertising will happen , which Router will be the default gateway ??

    hi , i am new in IPv6 protocol , if we have 2 Routers connected to the same network , when a station is connected to this network , Router solicitation and advertising will happen , which Router will be the default ga...
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  • changing my name in personvue id after certified by cisco

    Hello respected seniors . I have a doubt as well as a problem with my pearsonvue candidate name . My name is Suresh Chandra Bhuyan. when i created the account i gave all the details but in the middle of my name it jus...
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  • CCDP prerequisites

    Hi All,   I have just passed the CCDA certification exam (200-310) and am looking to maybe carry on to CCDP. I am currently CCNP Routing and Switching certified, but i took the 642- line of exams to achieve it....
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  • Recertification-Rectification

    My CCNA R&S expired in 2016 due to busy schedule was not able to renew it kindly suggest any way by which I can retain my old cisco ID as well as renew my certification
    Fazal Mohamed
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  • ASA with Firepower traffic question...

    Hi, i had a question about how i would organise traffic on an ASA 5506-X i'm planning on labbing with. I'm aware of the whole need to send traffic that comes i on the ASA's interfaces to the firepower module for it to...
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