• API.virl

    Where can I get the API.virl file that is used in the VIRL documentation tutorial ?
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  • CCNP R & S 300-101 expiration date?

    I know this question has been asked since about 2015, but I want to start studying for my CCNP and don't want to start if it's going to change soon.  I know the CCNA R & S is changing this August... "Does any...
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  • CCIE DC Workbook & rack rental

    Hi,   I am preparing for the CCIE DC v2.1, I have covered the theory, looking to practice on rack rentals.   INE workbook is for CCIE Dc v2 not 2.1 and its just beta version, it has little to no details fo...
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  • CICD Exam

    Hi,   Could someone please advise / confirm if the CICD Exam consists of any VCS questions? I have been told my a friend who recently sat for the exam that the CICD Exam had a few VCS related questions.   ...
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  • Should I include the router to internet and my firewall in my core layer?

    Hello, im tagging my desing, and i have two question, im making my desing following to the 3 layer desing. First question, should i include in my core layer the firewall and the routers(the standby router and the pri...
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  • Distance doesnt work in Light Weight Access Point

    Hello, im using LW AP linked with WLC. I have multiples devices with the same SSID in diferent spots, with a coverage Range of 100 meters. In my devices i can select the Access Point but all have the same signal leve...
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  • STP is blocking the interfaces

    When i want to connect multiples host to a layer 2 Switch. For example: I have 4 interfaces for my vlan 10, and i want to connect 4 pcs, DCHP only works with the first one and with the others it tells me that STp is ...
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  • DHCP is working only some times

    Hello, i have a DHCP server, it works some times randomly. I dont know why but sometimes the dhcp works fine since the start, sometimes i have to wait a while and starts working, but there is sometimes that says "APIP...
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  • Queries related to recertification when existing CCNA has expired

    Hi,   I have completed my CCNA Routing & switching on 9th April 2016. So it has expired on 9th April 2019.  Please help me with below mentioned queries.   1> In order to get CCSA, do I need to ...
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  • CCDP certification not showing on cert tracker

    good day,   Apologies in advance this is probibly not the correct forum. I am having a problem with my CCDP certification not showing on cert tracker. Exam was written in March this year. Pearson Vue is telling...
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  • my name on the cisco certification

    hello my name is Abdullah and i have a question regarding my name on the certification. you see 2 days ago a just passed my routing and switching exam but when i was giving the admin my last name which is Al-mozan (...
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  • Need to re-certify my CCNP R&S

    Greetings guys,   I need to re-certify my CCNP R&S, and I'm leaning towards SDWAN/Network Programmability certification because it relates to the job that I'm doing. I think it would be beneficial for me but ...
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  • 300-375 WiSECURE Preparation

    Hi all,   Unfortunately, I did not pass a security test. It is the only exam I need to achieve the CCNP. You can help me with blogs, links, guides, videos, etc., to strengthen knowledge on the topics of (Integr...
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  • Help Create a simple Network using packet tracer

    Hey Guys I'm new..can someone help me figure out why the cable from the wireless router to the Cable modem is Red...I tried everything I can but I can't figured out what I missed..please any help will be much apprecia...
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  • Problem connecting to 2504 WLC!!

    I would need to upgrade the Software and possibly the FUS as well but I am not even able to connect to it other than the console connection.   I attached some outputs of the switch port configuration and of the ...
    created by Sebastian
  • Trying to get certified

    I have been trying to get certified without using brain dumps. I have not been very successful. The institute that I approached for training and the friends that I talked with insist that brain dumps give you an idea ...
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  • CCIE DC track

    What books I should refer to for CCIE DC track ? Any help will be highly appreciated
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  • Providing Wifi as a service - Design and configuration understanding

    Hello everyone,   while preparing to realize a wifi Multi-tenant platform ( of a service provider), I would like to understand well the configuration and design aspect before getting into all the advanced steps,...
    created by YeawQw
  • CCNP Route study guide

    What book is best for study, Foundation learning or the cert guide?
    created by Nicholas
  • Security VPN and AnyConnect

    Hello good afternoon, well I will explain what I am trying to do I have a topology with a router of my ISP with a private address from the ISP router an ethernet cable goes to a cisco router 2800. I alrea...
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