• CLN Point's issue

    Hellorivilla,   Today I have commented on two different posts and I have not received point for them. I have joined those groups and after 5 times reloading the page I still did not received the points. Please...
    Sourabh Saboo
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  • CCNA Recertify

    I have to recertify my CCNA by December. I have less than 2 months and have been studying for the CCNP Switch, but may change that since I don't believe I have enough time. So I was looking at the requirements. I can ...
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  • 200-125

    hi i am new  i have simple question CAN I PREPARE FOR 200-125 only with   CCNA Routing and Switching 200-125 Official Cert Guide Library By Wendell Odom Published Jul 26, 2016 by Cisco Press. Part of the...
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  • What is the difference between Layer 3 Switch and Router

    Hi All,   Is there any difference between a layer 3 switch and a router ?     Regards, Rex
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  • Cisco Leaning Network training website access unreliable.

    Has any else experienced poor availability on the Cisco learning network?   I have a 200 MB high speed connection with 11 MS respond, which is very stable,,,  but I cant login using any browsers for hou...
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  • Loading License, ERROR loading remote server

    Hello,   Trying to load VIRL ran into the issue.     Re: VIRL RSA KEY fails to verify with SALT MASTER  Inbox x       ClsIt Tue, Oct 9, 4:05 PM (3 days ago)  to...
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  • switchport voice vlan vs switchport access vlan

    Hi all,   if i have a switch port let say g1/0/1 and a single ip phone is connect to g1/0/1, no pc is connect to the back of the ip phone. and QoS is enable on the switch.   so, which command should i use ...
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  • DHCP Related Help Required

    i am working on this packet tracer lab here i have a router R1 which is also a dhcp server for 6 vlans.i configured Router on a stick on R1. 3 vlans run on Switch1 and 3 vlans run on switch2. i have only one physical...
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  • Cisco Security Express Exams  700-150 and 700-551

    Hi folks,   I'm looking for the exam topics and study materials of the below security express exams Introduction to Cisco Sales Exam 700-150 Express Security for Account Manager Exam 700-551   I found th...
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  • Cisco CCNA R&S vs Nokia NRS

    Hello   How you think, is there a big difference between those two certificates? Networking educational level i mean... i'm not talking about cisco/nokia proprietary commands To simplify the things, if i pass CC...
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  • Cert Support down?

    Hello everyone,   Is cert support www.cisco.com/go/certsupport down? How it moved? Seems like it is dead in the water Error: Insufficient Privileges   Please email us if you need to get in touch.   ...
    Panos K
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  • Simeon Johnson

    My name is Simeon Johnson am pursuing the Ccent.
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  • A small error to be corrected

    Hi All,     In CCIE Service Provider written exam page, there is a link with review 16 questions, the answer for question 16 is not put correctly. Hope this post can reach someone who is responsible for thi...
    Mengbin Gu
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  • Anyone attempt DTBAA - Adopting the Cisco Business Architecture Approach (810- 440) recently

    I am preparing for  below exam is someone recently appeared and share experience , unable to find study material related to this exam. Adopting the Cisco Business Architecture Approach (810- 440)
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  • CCNA - Reprint?

    Hi guys,   Are we able to request to reprint the CCNA certificate and change the details perhaps some tweeks on the name? There is a section when you register for the exam, you put your first name, middle name(o...
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  • Cisco Customer Success Manager Specialist -820-602

    Hello all,   Took the exam today ...not related to the E-learning materiel. Has someone took the exam and can share practice questions or provide some guidance to additional relevant exam materiel  ?
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  • How device in a different subnet will communicate ?

    Hi,   I designing a CCTV  network where considering the NVR IP addresses as below IP add : Mask : Gateway :    (virtual interface created in the ...
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  • Best book for CCIE Routing and Switching Written?

    Guys,   I am planning to take CCIE R&S written by Dec 2018, Could you please let me know the best book for the written exam, would prefer a book that describes complex technologies in simple language.
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  • Can anyone explain why we change native vlan while configuring trunk

    Can anyone explain why we change native vlan while configuring trunk   Eg : Switchport trunk native vlan 99
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    Guys, good afternoon! I have a problem. I'm configuring 01 switch 2960 and 01 firewall 5506-x, I need to use 35 Vlans, but my appliance 5506 is limited in 30 Vlans. Is it possible I create "N" Vlans in my switch, b...
    Guilherme Cassiano
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