• Network and Security Design - Study Materials/Certs

    Hi Cisco Community,   I hope everyone is doing well.   I'm looking to dig deep in to the world of network design.  I would like to pick up the skills and knowledge with network design and security as a ...
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  • Cisco 3850 USB IOS Upgrade

    I uploaded a new IOS .bin on to a single switch while it was connected to our network. I had trouble because I was using a USB for the first time, and I kept getting an error saying I needed an ip domain-name before I...
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  • Can some explain the differences between IP, access-group, and access-class?  I know the differences between standard and extended

    I'm trying to apply an access list to my console interface only allowing one management device static IP access.   I created the a named acl and it appears in the show access-lists, it's applied to the console a...
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  • Traffic Shaping Internet Traffic

    Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,        Here is the issue that I am having. My enterprise uses a shared internet circuit for several locations. We have been getting tons of complaints of ...
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  • VTP dos attack ?

    Hello experts ! as am reading ICND2 book in the VTP chapter , Wendell Odom , mentioned that when using VTP its recommanded to disable DTP "switchport nonegotiate"  on unknown trunks, since a hacker could deny th...
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  • dynamic auto and stp

    So I'm in packet switcher and I take several switches and I link them together and then watch them elect a root bridge.   My question is how are they doing that when the ports are all set to dynamic auto?  ...
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  • UCCX Certified

    Does the Contact Center Express certification still exist, or is UCCE the only option?   Thanks.
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  • List of available images images for ViRL

    Is there a list of images currently available for ViRL use that I can review?   Thanks, John
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  • STP : Listening&Learning purpose ?

    Hello network lovers !   As am preparing my ICND2 certification , like everyone else , I had to focus on understanding the Spanning-Tree Procol ( STP ) deep enough to continue on learning more about its derivat...
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  • Quality voice issues - ASAv

    Getting some quality voice issues, when established call between a softphone and ip-phone throughout Cisco ASAv with in the same security level on the interfaces. Any suggestions?
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  • An Issue with GNS3 with s0/0

    If anyone feels like Tshoot let me know. During a lab I am using gns3 I also use pkt tracer. With GNs3 however. When I use the serial inter face with   I go from up/ up than 20 seconds later protocol down. Any ...
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  • Something Interesting To Read

    Hey Learning Community. Without ever saving the running config to start up config the labs I worked on gns3 and pkt saved the configurations. I closed without saving. Does anyone have a reason why this might be  ...
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  • Hi all just quickly info

    Hello Folk , Just information 300-365 WIDEPLOY there are Lab questions ??? Thanks  a lot
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  • When does OSPF use unicast addresses?

         Like EIRGP, does OSPF use Unicast addresses to send routing updates in a P2P link, or will OSPF forever and always use multicast addresses?
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  • Vendor Exam Topics .

    I am viewing the exam topics on cisco.com. I see that ospv2 ospfv3 are listed as topics. I am hearing that they are not. Can someone verify this.
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  • Hi,

    I want to ask a simple question please guide me. which ccnp cart is in demand?     Kind Regards
  • GNS3 and Packet Tracer cant read command.

    I am studying for my ccna r&s having fun. I am practicing a lab for ospv3. I realized on the exam ospf is not stressed as much. Just a question.   I type the command ipv6 FECO::1:1/112 incomplete command. &...
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  • Any Study Group for UCCED (600-455) exam

    Hi All,   Is there any active study group for Designing Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise , UCCED (600-455) exam ? Regards, Sasikumar.
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  • what  is TelePresence TC series endpoints

    Hi there   I am learning the course called Cisco VCS and Cisco Expressway Series in the 1.6 Understanding the Components of Cisco Unified Communications Solutions in the link below: https://ondemandelearning.ci...
    Leslie(XingHeng) Sun
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  • cli role based to access control --parser formation

    I have defined 2 users restricted authority to access certain there .you can port security active - deactive . conf t enable password xxxx aaa new-model aaa authentication login default local aaa authorization exe...
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