• ayuda con un router cisco 867VAE-K9

    Buenas tardes quisiera saber como me pueden ayudar con este router esta en modo rommon y no se como recuperar la configuracion.
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  • Interface Consume High Utilization

    Step to analyst interface consume high utilization ..
    Syed Kaseem
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  • How to recertified my CCNP

    Hello guys,   I'm a CCNP Routing and Switching from January 2015 and it's almost the time for me to take a re-certification. I know that to re-certified for CCNP I need to take any exam that is on the same level...
    Dendy Putra
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  • Reschedule CCIE lab

    Hello Folks:   I had recently booked my CCIE Security lab for November 2016. I have decided to reschedule it. However, I have passed my CCIE R&S written and I would like to know if I can reschedule the Secur...
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  • CCNA VOICE Exam going to Expire

    Good Morning,   My CCNA voice is about to expire what exam do  have to  write to recertify my ccna voice.
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  • ASA5505 VPN trouble Type: VPN Subtype: encrypt Result: DROP

    I`m setting up a Asa5505-Asa5510 VPN. I configured iskamp policies,ACLs,crypto maps, tunnel groups(correctly I think) But there is something somewhere incorrect.It does not come to work. ---------------------------...
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  • admin port

    can any one here who can say me what is admin port and its uses. also send me pic if possible.
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  • GRE -- Packet Tracer

    Attempting to do a GRE lab following instructions to match Odem's example. For some reason, I was unable to use ip addresses for Router 1 gig0/0 and for Router 2 gig0/0.   When I changed Router1 ...
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  • API.virl

    Where can I get the API.virl file that is used in the VIRL documentation tutorial ?
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  • Cisco Customer Success Manager Specialist -820-602

    Hello all,   Took the exam today ...not related to the E-learning materiel. Has someone took the exam and can share practice questions or provide some guidance to additional relevant exam materiel  ?
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  • It's there a Instructor Training  with no charge or low prices? How I can find it?

    I'm looking to any free or low price training for instructor. Thanks for  help
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  • Recertification of CCNP Routing and switching

    Hi Chaps, I am CCNP Routing and switching certified.Earlier I appeared for 642-XXX exams after which I achieved current CCNP certification but now these exams has been retired((last day to test 1/29/2015). So can I ...
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  • Sharing my flash cards via text and ANKI packages for CCIE 5.1 R&S

    Hi All, I just wanted to come here to find a study group and share my CCIE R&S notes + flash cards thus far!   Here are the ANKI packages you can just import each bullet point   https://upw.io/u1/&...
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  • DHCP Relay

    in DHCP when configuring a dhcp relay with the ip-helper address how the router will distinguish from the broadcast packet regarding the dhcp discover and forward it to the dhcp server at the other segment and from an...
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  • How to become a cisco learning academy

    dear all, i am trying to locate the information on how to become a Cisco learning academy but not finding much on the site. can you please guide me... we would like to offer cisco training and i understand to give tra...
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  • How can I setup wireless communication between two mcus on packet tracer

    I want to send/receive data between several MCUS on packet tracer. I have added PT-IOT-NM-1W-AC module on each mcu but I don't know what to do next and how can I use visual programming to make the needed for this comm...
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  • Next Test to Take

    I had passed the CCENT exam in 2015. I am up for a renewal soon and want to know what test to take next to get a CCNA. I heard Cisco changed the test structure up.
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    Hello,   could you please advise about SPLTE exam 600-212
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  • ZBFW and the use of ACL?

    Hello   I am studying zone based firewall and have googled a few things that show how to configure it but there are things left out that seem be very important.   One location was this IOS Zone-Based Firew...
    Joseph - CCNA R&S
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  • CCNP CIPTV2 - CPLL acquiring badges

    I´m taking the digital learning CIPTV2 on Cisco Premium Learning Library (CPLL) but even though I have completed 4 sections I´m not getting the completion badges.   I have acquired the medals but no ...
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