• BPDUFilter

    Time again to pose a good question, or alternatively look like a buffoon...   Just going over my final SWITCH notes, particularly the STP toolkit. Found myself asking the question of the use of BPDU Filter. &nbs...
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  • Starting my journey towards this certification

    Hello all, I'm very interested in the security side of networking so recently I decided to pursue this certification. I am currently a Cisco network engineer and have been in the field for 4 years now. I'm going over ...
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  • Cohort-3   Passed   210-255 Sec-Ops exam  today

    Today is the last day of my Cohort-3 program; (2 + 1 + 2) months in my stretched-schedule!   I sat for, and secured a Pass in my 210-255  Sec-Ops Exam today. I managed to get a score of 86.3% only (pass-mar...
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  • HSRP Version 2 + IPV6

    Hi Everyone,   We are in a pilot stage of IPv6. The Network layer is completed, When i configure the IP's on the L3 Switch (6500/6800 series)  SVI interface (same is running with HSRP default version) it re...
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  • Hi all need help on revision material for the ccnp switch exam

    HI ALL   Will be doing my switch exam soon any help on study material will be appreciated.   thanks
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  • Study partner? CCNP ROUTE

    Hi!   Have a little over 5 years of networking experience. I currently hold A+, Sec+, CCENT, & CCNA. Been having trouble staying on track for my CCNP Route studies. Anyone else trying to obtain this cert with...
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  • How to prepare for ccda?

    I"m studying for ccda and ccie R&S, suggestions?
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  • Has anyone taken the 300-115 SWITCH exam recently?

    I'm preparing to take the exam and I'm feeling pretty good about it, but I've not taken the exam before. I'm just wondering if people could share their thoughts on their exam experience. Did you encounter what you exp...
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  • CCDE Service Provider Practice Scenario

    Hello all   I created a study material (practice scenario) in order to help out others on their CCDE journey , as well to raise money to pay for my lab attempt.   Thanks in advance and hope you will like i...
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  • CCIE-DC Study Group

    Is anyone around Kansas City preparing for CCIE-DC V2.1 and willing to join me in same?
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  • Replacement of 6509 in Campus and DC

    Hi All,   I am looking for replacing my 6509 series switch with the new version. So I decided to skip 6807 VSS and move to Stackwise Virtual link.   Before - Site 1 - (Campus) - Currently 6509 Ste 2 - (Data ...
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  • Cisco ISE

    HI I am using Cisco ISE. I add mac address of user to Endpoints (Context Visibilit -->Endpoints -->Authentication). Then I add mac to  Endpoint Identity Group (Administrator --> Identity Management --&...
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  • Which certification to get 210-451 CLDFND or 210-455 CLDADM?

    Hi Experts,   I have gained my AWS Associate Architect Cloud certificate and want to pursue a certificate from Cisco as well. But, here I see that there are these two different certificates available here. Do ...
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  • L3 interface with encapsulation dot1q

    Hello everyone,   I have a question regarding the following configuration : interface Ethernet1/54.4   description IPN-POD2   mtu 9150   encapsulation dot1q 4   medium p2p   vrf me...
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  • VTP domain name

    Hi,   Using vtp, changing a vtp server domain name resets the configuration version to zero..so is there a solution if we needed to change the domain name in vtp server and consequently the change is advertised ...
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  • NAT Overload problem on a 2951 router

    I have been trying to solve this 3 nights in a row and still can't figure out. When I ran a debug I got something like this :   "ipnat api , outtranslated address and port common, out->in want IL,OL"   ...
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  • Intermediate System to Intermediate System: The Other Link State Protocol

    Intermediate System to Intermediate System, commonly abbreviated IS-IS, and unfortunately often attributed without the hyphen, began as a research project at Digital Equipment Corporation in 1986 as part of a suite of...
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  • Router password

    Hello everyone,          Thank you for solving my problem of vlan last time.  I have one more problem which is related to a cisco router, I forgot the password of use exe ...
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  • Static routing without next hop IP in Ethernet.

    I have a static route configured something like this :   ip route G0/0  As you notice I did not give a next hop ip address. I understand Ethernet is a broadcast media and requires...
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  • EIGRP wildcard mask on CCNA

    On the CCNA exams are wildcard mask used in the eigrp sims if not explicitly called for. In other words would I lose points if I use the correct mask if the questions does not state to use a mask.   Hope you g...
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