• SLA or OLA ? What does SOC have ?

    Hi Everyone, As we studied about different types of SOC in this course like Threat Centric, Compliance based and  Operational based   As per the documents to circulate within an organization where more det...
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  • Why BGP ASNs?

    What benefit do we get from using another type of numbering system when we already have one in IP?  I feel like I'm missing something because as far as I can tell the ASN  is redundant since BGP routing stil...
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  • The use-case for eigrp stub receive-only keyword...

    ...is what?  As I understand it, receive-only prevents the stub router from advertising any routes.  Under what circumstances would this be useful?  Off the top of my head I'm thinking maybe in a situat...
    Steven Davidson
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  • Segment Routing using different SRGB for IGP & BGP

    Is it possible to allocate separate SRGBs for IGP and BGP SR (labeled unicast using SR)? For example, IGP SRGB 16000 - 16999 and  BGP SRGB 16000 - 23999 (default global block)? In my test topology, I can label sw...
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  • Reduction in days for R/S lab in RTP?

    Looking at the lab scheduling tool, I see a lot of dates available in RTP for the R/S lab in July/Aug but looking at Sept, Oct and Nov, there is only a single week available. Has there been a change to how many days a...
    created by Eric
  • record, extended ping option (direct cli argument)

    anyone know if there is a shortcut to the extended ping option "Record", directly accessed as a single string argument without having to step through all the extended options. . for example something like this that ...
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  • HELP .. Problem with study method

    Hi folks I Forget some command syntax and fundamentals during my ccna preparation, can someone help me please. I practice everything but after days I forget some details, particular network fundamentals ( first 5 ch...
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  • frame relay is part that i need to know for the icnd1

    I read the OCG and the CCENT study guide of Todd Lammle and I didnt see any mention about this topic. thanks for your help.
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  • Router Vlan

    Dear friends                     Can we give name to vlan 40 in router . please have a look       ...
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  • How NAT-T Affects MTU

    I've been reading about NAT Traversal, and I see it uses an additional UDP header to prevent IKE from dropping packets which have had their IP's changed.   What I'm wondering is, how large is this header?  ...
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  • software engineer Vs network engineer career

    hi all,   Is it true that a software engineer enjoys more perks and incentives, flexibility, financial security, quick career progression and more opportunities Vs network engineer who has few and rare good cha...
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  • Directed-Broadcast ip address

    Hello Great Guys On The Great CLN Website iam really miss you   if we have all these ip addresses on same L2 Broadcast Domain :- with Directed-Broadcast ip address 10....
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  • Looking for Wireshark study materials for network engineers

    Hi,   I'm looking for wireshark training materials for networking, the kind of materials I'm looking for should help me reading the packets and understanding how to traffic flow is going, something that can be u...
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  • Multicast Auto-RP Configuration Lab

    Hi All,   This is another structured lab prepared by Dante McNeil and myself for anyone who wants a scenario to challenge their understanding of Multicast and Auto-RP. This lab should be suitable for those wh...
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  • Router on a Stick Flexibility with Logical Topologies with André Laurent (3xCCIE and CCDE): Lesson 3: VLAN & Build a Trunk

      VLAN & Build a Trunk  23:18 With André Laurent - 3xCCIE and CCDE   This training video lesson is about VLANs and building a trunk. With help from the routing and switching students, Andr&...
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  • DHCPv6 stateful and stateless

    Hi guys ! How to set the A flag off for stateful dhcpv6 ( A = 0, O=0;M=1 ) I know how to set the O and M flag off/on by ipv6 nd other-config-flag ( for stateless A = 1,O =1,M = 0 ) ipv6 nd managed-c-f ( for state...
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  • Router on a Stick Flexibility with Logical Topologies with André Laurent (3xCCIE and CCDE): Lesson 2: Topologies Overview

      Topologies Overview  21:13 With André Laurent - 3xCCIE and CCDE   The second training video lesson focuses on designing the topology. Before getting started with building dynamic topologies, ...
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  • Structure of Ethernet Frame (Use to transfer IS-IS PDU)

    I have found following figure in the TCP/IP Vol 1 book.   So I tried to find described fields in IS-IS packet capture.But I can not find mentioned fields in the data link layer.But according to the book this d...
    Manoj Ariyarathna
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  • CCDE 2017 Journey has just started...

    Guys, i'll be starting my journey for the CCDE track for both written and lab/practical. I'll make this thread as active as possible for a better interaction on the progress of my review..
    Chris Racaza
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  • Written Learning Matrix

    Is this still being maintained? It contains abandoned links. Or are those in there just to help us get used to Cisco's website.
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