• Python Network Programming

    Hi I want to use GNS3 with python but having problem about ios knowledge. Can anyone help me about - this - I want to connect my router with internet (in GNS3 with python), how can I proceed for this. (how can I ge...
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  • Richardson Availability

    Is it an error or are there really no more available seats left at Richardson from now until next year - excluding the seats available next week? I was hoping to make another attempt in the next 30 days without going ...
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  • BGP lab

    Hi     I decided to do a BGP lab using GNS3 and the INE website provided the topology I'm attaching below. I'm buffled. Is this even possible to do on GNS3. A switch seems to be missing in the middle of th...
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  • MAC Address Table Empty

    - I am running a simulation lab on Cisco VIRL - I have 2 Servers connected to a layer 2 switch with eth0 configured with a layer 2 address - The 2 servers can ping each other - The MAC Address table however is empt...
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  • New CCNA exam goes live on February 24, 2020

    We have substantial change in certifications. See this link https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/training-events/training-certifications/next-level-certifications.html   And I also found this interesting FAQs pdf https...
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  • CCIE Richardson Lab availability?

    Has anyone had any issue scheduling a lab exam at the Richardson location? I have read stories of people having to schedule lab exam three to four months out, and even longer because it was full.   Please if yo...
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  • CCNA R&S Expired. Can I go for CCNA Security straight?

    Hi everybody.   My R&S expired last July, and I am so close to be ready for the Security exam. However, looking at the prerequisites, it says  'a valid CCNA' (Literally: A valid CCENT or a valid CCNA R...
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  • Cisco Route Lab Manual

    Hi   I'm searching for practice labs materia for the route exam. I've seen some people recommended this CCNP ROUTE Lab Manual, 2nd Edition , however, some commenten indicate that you need to be enrolled in the ...
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  • CCNA Practice lab - switching nad trunking -Draft A

    Pt file is almost empty.  Each of PCs can be in its own vlan and subnet. But make 2 of PCs on same subnet and in same vlan so that you can watch traffic paterns. PCs should have default gateway of L3 switch.&nbs...
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  • Recertifying full CCNP R and S

    All,   I am seeing a lot of resonses to questions on migration path to the new certifications if you are currently part way to a full CCNP, however, I dont see what the path is if you already have a fully certif...
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  • About Certification

    Hi ,   As I am going to write my CCNA R&S certification in 2 day, I have a doubt that what is the next step for certification after 24th feb-2020. Bcoz I want to take security certification . Can I get dire...
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  • Almost ready to sit CCNP route

    Hi   Just wanted to ask for advise on resources for labs for the route exam. I've just finished the INE ones. Im considering purchasing the ones in the cisco leaning network https://learningnetworkstore.cisco....
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  • Do you get physical?  (topologies)

    The "Ah-ha" moment  Being a perpetual learner myself, I love it when a concept becomes clear, like a light bulb being switched to on.   Over the years, one of the barriers I have seen learners struggle ...
  • ICND2 Passed!!

    Ive passed my ICND2 yesterday 902/1000 pass grade 811. A big thank you to all that gave some of their time to help me in this journey.   I used the following to study: Kevin Wallace cisco press videos officia...
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  • Finally getting serious about IPv6, really.

    There is the story of the boy who cried wolf, and after a while, no one believed him.  That is how I felt about the message that we were running out of IPv4 addresses.   IPv6 has been around for over a deca...
  • CCENT Passed Today

    Hi All,   I have successfully passed my CCENT today on the first attempt, and would like to pass my thanks to the posts here as they have been helpful.   I did start studyng in January this year but had a ...
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  • the new ccna

    hi,   i have ccna rs, wireless, & security. so with the new ccna coming 2020, will this means i will have a single ccna certification? what is going to happen to these 3 ccna certs once the new one roll ...
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  • Viptela Drivers, Concepts and Solution Architecture: Lesson 5: Why Cisco SD-WAN?

        Lesson 5: Why Cisco SD-WAN? Show Additional Information     Coming Soon.   Lesson 1: Market Forecast, Trends and Priorities Driving Digitization Lesson 2: Challenges with WAN in the Dig...
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  • WHAT will happen if I only have CCNET?

    So far they have only explained the certifications from CCNA, but it is not clear to me, if I only have ICND1 (CCNET) Would it be invalid as of February 24, 2020? or at what level would CCNET be?
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    Dear Friends ! i am working in an enterprise cisco organization our company requested to deny Network-Printers to Use the Network by MAC Address therefore we design MAC Drop Policy and deny MAC Address Statically i...
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