• STP Port transition BLK to FWD - When is BLK ever 20 seconds, ever?

    I am trying to understand when an 802.1d STP Port transition takes 50 seconds, as "debug span events" has never shown an STP Port even going INTO a BLK state at all when transitioning to Forwarding, I am starting to t...
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  • FLAT Network - Cant Ping

    Hi All!   I have an ESXi host loaded with VIRL. I'm trying to connect into a VIRL lab environment in order to run some ansible playbooks from a my computer, and I'm running into issues getting the FLAT1 network ...
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  • Routing and Switching Topics with Narbik Kocharians: Lesson 1: Introduction to MPLS and Layer 3 VPNs

      Lesson 1: Introduction to MPLS and Layer 3 VPNs In this free training video about Multiprotocol Layer Switching, or MPLS, and Layer 3 VPNs, Narbik Kocharians begins by describing what this webinar will be dis...
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  • Editing annotations after creation.

    I created a topology and included on it several text boxes. I later decided on a different ip range to use, so I wanted to change the text box. I did so using the properties in design mode, but when I start the simula...
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  • ayuda con un router cisco 867VAE-K9

    Buenas tardes quisiera saber como me pueden ayudar con este router esta en modo rommon y no se como recuperar la configuracion.
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    Well just woke up at 10:00 A.M and there comes the mail for step 2 for the cybersecurity scholarship. Completed the exam ~25 minutes or so with 82.1%. I hope i will be accepted for the scholarship. Very nervouusssss!!
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  • インターネットワーキングの基礎 (翻訳)

    本ページは英語 WIKI ページを翻訳したものです。     インターネットワーキングの基礎 出典:DocWiki この記事と以降の 6 つの記事は、テクノロジーセクションを理解するために必要な、基礎的な内容となっています。ここでは、インターネットワーキングにおいて使用される基本的な概念と用語を紹介します。同様に、この本では最新のネットワーキングを理解するために必要な基礎的な情報を提供します。また、...
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  • CCIE Collaboration Lab Exam Study/Learn

    Welcome to the Study/Learn table for the CCIE Collaboration Lab Exam page. This page is designed to help you quickly find what you are looking for by organizing the content according to the exam topics. These resource...
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  • Multicast LAB

    Hello guys, I have created a multicast LAB with DMVPN. As you can see the network topology contains:     - 1 RP (     - R2 acts as HUB     - R1,R3 and R4 are S...
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  • New VLAN id not visible across trunked connection

    Hello,       I have created a lab environment and am encountering an issue with devices connecting across trunked links. I have configured from a catalyst 2950 (I will call this switch "A") ...
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  • skype reading hour for ccna

    I am starting a skype reading hour straight from the cisco and sybex study guides so if you are interested , send me a message. this is for those who want to get the most out of their reading and really accelerate how...
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  • Just failed 300-115 because of a SIM problem

    All,   I have to say that I'm more than frustrated with the exam environment at this point. This was my 3rd time taking the exam and I failed because the SIM, Etherchannel in this case failed to function as expe...
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  • Cohort 5 - Skype Study Group

    Hello all,   I'm setting up a small-ish Skype study group, English speaking, UTC +/-3 preferably, to help each other along and keep ourselves on track. Will see how many want to join up but there may be a limit ...
    Luke Savage
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  • Lab Practice OSPF Trouble

    Hello.                   This is my first post/question and I am currently studying for my CCNA/ ICND2. I am trying to figure out why/w...
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  • Preparing for CTCOLLAB 300-080

    Hi Guys!   I want to ask the ones who already passed 300-080 which study material you was using?   This is my last exam which i have to pass, in the past i began with the cisco press books, but for this ex...
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  • Need info on different Cisco OS varieties

    Is there a good article or a Youtube video that explains all these different Cisco OS?  
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  • Can I use ether-channel without STP on Cisco L2 switches?

    Can I use ether-channel without STP on Cisco L2 switches?
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  • CCNA SP Exams - Info needed

    Hi Forum,   I was wondering if someone recently passed the CCNA SP Exams and maybe he can share with us his experience as training material, exams question (are they in-line with cisco exam topics?), etc.  ...
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  • VIRL System operation Check error: "Launch did not finish in time limit"

    If I try to run a simulation on VMaestro, nodes never end to boot, they Stuck, On UWM System operation check the simulation check fails, error: "Launch did not finish in time limit" I already Reboot several times, the...
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  • Passed 300-320 but it was not easy

    Hi everyone,   I passed the 300-320, "Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures exam" four days ago on my first attempt. I left the exam with mixed emotions. I was happy that I passed of course, but I was v...
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