• Port Security

    Hi, Friends i am facing to below Issue Actually the Interface has 1 MAC Address under f0/18 but why port Security is Occurs ? when a port is Effected by PS and Recovery time is Expire it automatically down the po...
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  • What's the purpose of address-family?

    Hello all,   Address-family is used with EIGRP and BGP. Not sure if it's used with OSPF too. But why do we need address-family?
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  • CCNP Routing and Switching SWITCH 300-115 -Chapter 7 Question 6

    Hi, I am currently preparing my CCNP Switch Certification, While I was reviewing Spanning tree chapter Questions I found out that Question 6 Answer was not in the list so please check with me if I am right or not B...
    Ahmed Quraish
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  • how can i do multilink and pppoe lab on packet tracer?

    Hello all, I'm very pleased to be a part of this study group. ok firstly I'm going to ask broadly if packet tracer is a good enough simulation application to carry out cisco labs in the first place? I have been follow...
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  • ClientLink on Autonomous APs

    Hi,   Jerome Henry says this is enabled by default, but "Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals (WIFUND) v1.0" says it's disabled.   Can someone please confirm?   I find it strange that the...
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    Guys, good afternoon! I have a problem. I'm configuring 01 switch 2960 and 01 firewall 5506-x, I need to use 35 Vlans, but my appliance 5506 is limited in 30 Vlans. Is it possible I create "N" Vlans in my switch, b...
    Guilherme Cassiano
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  • VIRL UWM IP address

    Hello, I am trying to deploy VIRL and am running into an issue that I can't seem to find any documentation on.   After following the deployment guide for VIRL 1.5 on VMWare Player, I am attempting to complete st...
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  • MPLS Overview

    Multiprotocol Label Switching “MPLS” is a standard protocol with “RFC 3031”. Firstly, We will discuss together the meaning of the name … Multiprotocol  : Transport different payloa...
  • BGP: AS Prepending and Remove Private AS

    Hi!   I've come up with an interesting scenario...   Let's say we (a customer) have an internet router that uses a private ASN to peer with an ISP. The ISP will naturally strip the private ASN from the pre...
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  • I Passed The CICD 210-060 Exam!!!

    Hello all,   I recently passed the CICD 210-060 exam last Friday morning. Although I failed the exam the first time I took it, but as they say failure creates success. Anyhow, things are going great for me right ...
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  • wlc inquire

    Most Recent Traps DHCP address pool exhaust. scope: vla1234 DHCP address pool exhaust. scope: vla4561       why it came these syslog all the time on anchor wlc
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  • Cisco Smart Net

    Hi,   I have a question about Cisco Smart Net and I think you can help me to have a better understand about it.   I think SmartNet is about getting technical support from Cisco   My boss thinks smar...
    Loc Nguyen
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  • How to advertise loopback networks in different OSPF areas?

    Hi,   I am trying to run an IPv4 lab where I do not use any OSPF "network" commands; but rather, use the interface command, much like in IPv6. I am running into trouble when it comes to getting the Loopback netwo...
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  • CCIE Data Center Study notes

    Hi, Can anyone share Notes or flashcards for CCIE data center V2. Thanks
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  • Nexus 5548 10Gbase-(unknown)

    Hello Folks,   I have a nexus 5548  with system version 5.0(2)N2(1) connected to Cisco WS-C4948 through 1G SFPs (GLC-LH-SMD-C) but I am suffering a weird issue that consist of connectivity between both net...
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  • Virl 1.3.296 console of nodes only shows the prompt - not able to issue commands

    Hi,   I am running Virl 1.3.296. I have build a simple topology consisting of router linked to a nexus 9000 switch. When I start a simulation the devices cycle to the Active state. When I then right-click the de...
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  • Nexus zoning best practice

    if there are two nexus 5K in two location with same vsan through FCOE. What is the best practice for configure zone? As only one zone-set can be active in per VSAN.   Thanks in advance.
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  • Crypto keyring for VRF

    Hi, I'm trying to create DMVPN where the Hub tunnel interface is in VRF   as i know crypto key must be changed to be crypto keyring   I have two spokes but only one at a time is becoming UP in DMVPN, my q...
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  • Sub netting problem in packet tracer

    Hello guys, i don’t know whether it’s the problem due to lack of my subnetting  knowledge or it’s something wrong with PT. I have subnetted into 255.25...
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  • Passed the CCIE Data Center written.... now for the real fun!

    Hello CLN--I passed the CCIE Data Center written exam this morning!  I am super stoked to move on to the lab now!   Following in sarahanand footsteps, there are a few words of advice I can pass on to those ...
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