• Best way to judge if you are ready for an exam?

    Hello fellow users!     I hope everyone is doing well. I was wondering if anyone had tips for me to gauge myself to find out when I will be ready to take the CCNP route exam. I failed the route exam at the ...
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  • Urgent:!!! Cisco ID is pening in pearson VUE

    Urgent Urgent Urgent !!!   Dear friends please help i have purchase the CCIE dumps and getting ready for the CCIE R&S exam since long time but when i go for the exam to schedule i can not schedule in test ce...
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  • IPv6 Static Routes and the Dilemma of  "Outgoing Interface"

    Hello everybody   According to the ICND1 Official Cert Guide by Wendell Odom (Academic Version), page 744, there are 2 ways to set up regular static routes: Static Routes Using the Outgoing Interface Static Ro...
    Ian Selim
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  • Disabling DTP on a switch

    Hi,   why would the switch keep generating the DTP packets while the DTP is disabled on interface?   Switch#show inter trunk     Port        Mode  &n...
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  • IPSec tunnel | ISAKMP Policy lifetime mismatch.

    Hi Guys,   Simple question. I was under the impression that  - the life time parameter defined under ISAKMP policy was for phase 1 life time - the life time parameter defined under the crypto map was f...
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  • Cannot ping switch from remote machines

    Hi, Everyone.   May I request your assistance, I am trying to configure a simple network setup. Now the problem is any of the switches is not reachable from remote machines but the switches are reachable from wi...
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  • Why bother to disable DTP?

    I just tried to issue "switchport nonegotiate". I get an error telling me the switchport is dynamic and I can't set "nonegotiate".   W1(config)#int g2/3 SW1(config-if)#switchp non SW1(config-if)#switchp nonego...
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  • STP Quiz: Link up STP flavors

    STP is a confusing mess. Here is a quiz question for CCNA enthusiasts.   Listed on the left side are different STP types. But Cisco switches runs only three, as shown on the right side. Which is which? Can you l...
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  • Sdm template

    hi all 2 month back on working and im back on studies i have a question on sdm templates, firstly does all cisco switch support sdm template secondly i read from the book and some web mentioning it utilize t-cam w...
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  • Spanning Tree Path Cost

    Hi,   Please correct me if my configuration is wrong. My IOU10 is root bridge for vlan10,20,1 and IOU 11 is root bridge for vlan 30, 40. Etherchannel is been configured between IOU10 and IOU11. But when i issue t...
    created by nick
  • LSA type-5 missing

    Hi guys ! I'm doing some small lab and encounter a problem...   R1 redistribute RIP into eigrp . R2 and R4 redistribute eigrp into ospf and ospf into eigrp. R2 : router eigrp 100 network
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  • Split horizon

    The Cisco book that I am studying doesn't really explain the split horizon feature very well.  Can anyone help me out with a brief overview and example?
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  • How to recertify CCNA R&S

    Hi . I want to re-certify my CCNA routing and switching certificate. Can I take any associate level exam to re certify?
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  • CCNP Study Group..!!

    Hi All,   I was trying to find a genuine group of people who are working towards achiveing CCNP certification within this year. The order I wanted to follow is Route, Switch and TShoot. But i could not find any ...
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  • NAT Based on Ingress Interface, not on ACL

    Hello,   I have an ASR1002-X on 3.9S (scheduled for upgrade to 16.6 but that's another story) with a series of downstream routers.  On some (downstream routers 1, 2, and 3 here), I want to NAT to my upstrea...
    Weylin Piegorsch
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  • Significance of Type 2 LSA

    What is the significance of Type 2 LSA in OSPF? In the above diagram, both R2 and R3 are connected to the same ethernet segment and both advertise Type 1 LSA. In addition to Type 1 LSA, the DR advertises Type 2 LSA. I...
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  • FlexVPN deployment HW and IOS support/compatibility

    Guys,   The company I work with is planning to deploy new FlexVPN to all the branch and HQ for the next six months. I'm doing some search but not quite get what the router model and software that support this de...
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  • Any cisco WhatsApp group please add me +263773806297

    Any cisco WhatsApp group please add me +263773806297
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  • How to let hosts communicate with each other?

    Hello all,   What are some different ways to allow three hosts communicate with each other?    
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  • Bought ICND1 & ICND2 labs. Any video link to get more explanation.

    Bought ICND1 & ICND2 labs. Any video link to get more explanation.   Making the most of your Cisco Learning Labs   doesn't work
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