• gns3

    Dear all, I am trying to insert 3560 ios to gns3 but it showing error " this is not valid ios software" . but i downloaded software from cisco website only. can anyone help on this?
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  • CCIE Lab exam command query.

    i have a question. in the config section, lets say part of a  question involves creating an ACL, and the correct ACL according to Cisco exam  is like this   access-list 1 permit access-list 1...
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  • securing OSPf ve EIGRP

    On Eigrp, the encryption setting in on the interface on OSPF, its on the key chain   knows the difference for the exam and real world
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  • Routing question

      Hi, Why the directly connected network ( shows in TYPE 5     Router is connected   R1 ---------------R2 (   R1: sh ip route is direct...
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  • spanning tree

    Hi, Why the below command does not show the root     sh spanning-tree vlan 10   VLAN10   Spanning tree enabled protocol rstp   Root ID    Priority    10  &...
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  • My CCNP Certification validity expiry date is Oct 2019. How can I re-certify ?

    Hi All,   Thanks in advance.   My CCNP Certification validity expires in Oct 2019. I have no plan of doing CCIE as of now. How can I re-certify ? Do I have to give all the CCNP exams again ? or Is it en...
    Benson Davis
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  • Broadcast message

    Hi CLN   if we have PC-1 =  , MAC= AA.AA.AA.AA.AA.AA PC-2 = , MAC = BB.BB.BB.BB.BB.BB   if PC-1 don`t know PC-2 MAC , ARP message will be  this  message :- src = 10.0...
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  • Certification

    Hello All Yesterday I passed my CCNA exam. I am feeling really good. For making me more knowledgeable  I am currently studying basic MCSE course. I Am currently focusing on basic level job such as Junior Networ...
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  • Redistributing RIP/connected into other routing protocols

    I've probably asked this before but I cannot find any record of it so I apologize in advance if that is the case.  Here's my dilemma.  I have a router (let's call it R3) that is mutually redistributing betwe...
    Steven Davidson
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  • Why MPLS LDP Neighborship does not form between routers in a same vlan ?

    I have routers connected on a switch and thoses switches implement Vlans. Anu idea ?
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  • How to perform NAT on a network where VLAN exist

    Hello all, I am failing to configure NAT on my Branch_Rtr where there exist two VLANS on the LAN. At first, I configured NAT when I had only one VLAN (default VLAN) and it worked. After I configured the second VLAN ...
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  • Collaboration Test

    Hi All,   Failed the Cisco CICD 210-060 exam today with a result of 738. I have been working on the Traditional PABXs and other VoIP systems for over 15 years and have always had an interest the Cisco VoIP System...
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  • sise or sisas

    Hey I am looking at taking a course for the ISE exam. I came across these two class(sise or sisas) that seem like they are identical. Can anyone tell me what the difference between the two classes.sise coursehttps://w...
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  • How to filter "show logging" output more granulary on NX-OS

    Hi,   I want to check logs of the interface Ethernet102/1/2 I issue "show logging | i Ethernet102/1/2" but the output of this contains logs from other interfacees that begin with "Ethernet102/1/2":   &n...
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  • ARP request has destination MAC: 00:00:00:00:00:00

    Dear All,   Good day,   Can anyone please advise me the following:   The below packet is an ARP request but it has the following: 1. MAC address is: 00:00:00:00:00:00 2. What is the [Is gratuitous:...
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  • Make the most use out of the servers

    You can't login into the servers in VIRL, Is there a way to make them into a useful server, such as, a DHCP server? Are there any thoughts on how to make it more functional, I may need to look more into how to cons...
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  • How do I use NAT Dynamic & Static pointing out to my ISP Router?

    Hi,   I am having some difficulties trying setup a NAT Dynamic & NAT Static pointing out to my ISP Router. Any ideas where I could be doing wrong? I am unable to ping from my PC B & Server to the loopbac...
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  • EIGRP cost calculation - Cisco error... or am I being daft...

    Hi All and thank you for your input,   I've got my ICND2 coming up quite soon now, so I had a go at the Cisco practice test. I think they've got an answer wrong...   I believe, based on Odom, that the for...
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  • show cdp command is not showing PCs in its neighbor table, why so?

    when i run the below cdp command, It is showing only two routers...
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  • Switch Port Numbers

    Hello everyone, I there a list that shows how the ports on a Cisco switch is numbered? Some switches are numbered fa0/0, fa0/0/0, fa1/0/1/, gi0/0/0 and so on. I do understand that there are fast ethernet (fa) and gig...
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