• Just Passed CCNA/ICND2 exam!!

    Just passed the CCNA/ICND2 exam after 3 attempts. I kept churning at it and finally got it.
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  • physical interface to subinterface uplink

    Hi Guys, I am having issue understanding the subinterface thing when both ends are L3 links. I know if switch was layer2 intervlan routing is needed on router. But below snippet shows the configuration where the L3 s...
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  • Doubt with ACL

    Hi Friends,   i have one doubt with wildcard mask. i saw some standard configuration in production network its shows access-list 1 permit X.X.X.X, what is the network id and how many ip address are perm...
    Gowthamraj F
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  • ASA obj_any in NAT rules

    Hello Experts   I was doing the cleanup on Cisco ASA version 9.8, I found below weird nat statement and objects. I really appreciate if someone can explain below and let me know if I can delete them safely? &nb...
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  • CCIE-DC Study Group

    Is anyone around Kansas City preparing for CCIE-DC V2.1 and willing to join me in same?
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  • Route0

    im doing this lab and I dont know what route0 means as one of the objectives. If someone can explain that would be great THX.
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  • What causes VTP revision number to reset?

    Hello all,   Other than changing the VTP domain name, what else causes VTP configuration revision number to reset to 0?
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    Hello I am new to the CISCO Exam world, and I am currently studying for my CCNA CYBER OPS exam. I was wondering if the exam had any labs in it and if so where could I purchase them to study.   I currently am us...
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  • How to Export Capture from FMC

      Does anyone know how to export all captured packets from the FMC instead of only the buffer amount?  Having trouble exporting captures from the FMC, I can pull captures that show 2 billion packets "won 0 1...
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  • 200 VLANs on ASA5525X too little

    Hi all,   We have lots of VLANs. We've reached the maximum allowed number of VLANs on ASA5525X (which is 200 VLANs).   Is there any method to resolve this issue? 200 is too much little.   Best regard...
    Amil Akhundoff
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  • Is it just me or is documentation for stateful and stateless NAT64 on cisco.com confusing

    I tried configuring both stateful and stateless NAT64 by following along with configuration examples in documentation on cisco.com (for both 15M&T and IOS-XE) and in both cases following the configuration example ...
    Steven Davidson
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  • Nightmare in Lab Mexico

    Good morning Guys, I give you a brief summary of what happened on October 3 in my CCIE SP exam. (Mexico City)   Problem description 1        We initiated the exam at 8:30 am with the tr...
    Alexis Cedeño
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  • take a free CCDP/ARCH exam

    simply register and attend any cisco live event   then log into your pearsonvue account. select the date and time for Cisco live. then you get a free no cost exam   barcelona and the end of jan/19 san di...
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  • Upcoming Cisco Live Cancun 2018, Barcelona 2019, Melbourne 2019

    I enjoyed SP lab sessions with Liz in Cisco Live Orlando 2018 .   Will there be any lab session for upcoming Cisco Live events?   Thanks
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  • hello plz tell me Does CCNA security 210-260 exam have lab simulation exam like ccna RS??

    hello plz tell me Does CCNA security 210-260 exam have lab simulation exam like ccna RS??
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  • Just Passed CCNA/ICND2 exam!!

    Just passed the CCNA/ICND2 exam after 3 attempts. Feels good!!
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  • Passed icnd2.

    Hello all,   Just now I passed my ICND2 exam. FYI, this was my study regime: Study for ICND1 I did based on cisco press 100.105 publication by Wendell Odom, the certskills website and some packet tracer work. ...
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  • GLBP Roles - just to confirm..

    Hello everyone,   Does the attached match up with the theory, particularly the designation of a secondary AVF?   Thanks.
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    Hello, I've recently gotten my CCNA R&S and the next thing for me now is CCNP R&S. I've begun studying for it but I find that packet tracer is below basic for CCNP. Had a hard time using it for CCNA, let alon...
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  • Why enable "ip routing" on a switch with SVIs?

    Hello All, Why would my Cisco CCNA Security study labs (see attachment) have me configure "ip routing" on a switch with SVIs to enable routing? I was under the impression a L2 switch would route in between vlans (...
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