• Can we expect update to CCNA in this/upcoming year?

    To my knowledge big transition has happened to networking recently like Network as a Code. Will Cisco update CCNA in this/next year? If, what we can expect there? Can we expect things like RESTONF, NETCONF, NSO there?...
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  • Can't start mgmt-lxc after the full upgrade

    I used to use the mgmt-lxc as a jump box to access my virtual routers. I recently did a full upgrade. After it, when I start my simulation lab, my mgmt-lxc can't start anymore. I was getting this error   (ERROR)...
    Difan Zhao
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  • Book Deals from Cisco Press -U.S. Memorial Day

    Happy Memorial Day! every major US Holiday and Some World Holidays we have special discounts from Cisco Press.     What would You buy or recommend to get? What's your favorite book or author?
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  • Start to CCNPSec

    Today I've done one step towards CCNP Sec. I've passed 300-206. Only three exams left
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  • ospf cost

    Hi, What is the benefits of changing ospf costs and what scenario we change the ospf cost Thanks
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  • Routing , static , eigrp , dynamic ripv2

    Hi guys, I'm currently studying a diploma of It so we're using Cisco packet tracer and learning all about dynamic static routing,  you can see the picture below I have an issue where I have one big network broken...
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  • Cisco ASA 5510 which one to buy?

    Hi, all. I want to get Cisco ASA for my lab to start building VPN's and try different policies. So, Cisco ASA 5510 goes about 100-150 bucks on eBay, but I've noticed there is different version v5, v7, v9 also seller ...
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  • Certification reward

             Folks, how are you doing ?            Need help! There is a rewards i can receive on my account identifying me as CCNA , r...
    Ismael da Silva Mariano
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  • Start the self-taught course for CCNA 200-125

    Hi, as the title suggests, I started yesterday to study from the official Wendell Odom guide (ICND1 100-105 and ICND2) as I would like to take the CCNA 200-125 certificate. I am currently a student of Computer Enginee...
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  • Tips to finish the exam on time

    Hello, i need some recommendation taking the CCNA R&S 200-125 exam. i am about scheduling the exam?
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  • VLAN Routing

    So i have a layer 3 switch with at least 9 VLANs and 1 native VLAN. right now all the VLAN can communicate with each other but i want to stop a particular VLAN from communicating with the remaining VLANs but dont know...
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  • What is the wildcard??

    You need to create a wildcard mask for the entire Class B private IPv4 address space; through What is the wildcard mask? A. B. C. D. E. 0.0...
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  • Security Architecture for Systems Engineer -500-651

    Hi   I am willing to prepare for the below exam Security Architecture for Systems Engineer Exam Number 500-651 I can not find any e-learning material on Sales Connect for the same.   Can someone please...
    Nouman Khan
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  • How to assign Unique Local address on a router interface?

    Hi Guys, Although I understand the composition of a Unique Local IPv6 address, I dont know how are we supposed to configure them in a router interface.  Do we issue the same ipv6 address command like below an...
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  • I passed my ICND1 with first try - how to prepare for ICND2.

    I took my ICND1 yesterday and it was gruelingly difficult. As I worked through it I was like "there is no way I am going to pass" - I read online that you have a ton of time so I didn't have much time toward the end. ...
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  • Practical exercise: demo1

    Hi, I want to share with you an exercise you can use to review some concepts towards the practical. It has NOT a strict exam format, in the sense that does not follow the use case + design lifecycle axis format, but I...
    created by Juan
  • DMVPN Tunnel with IKEv2

    Everytime I configure DMVPN and add IPSec, I've used IKEv1, mainly because it's easy (ish).   I've finally decided to try IKEv2, as it seems to be more secure. Problem is, I can't get it to work. In my topology...
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  • IPv6 bgp neighbor

    Hi all, I have a topology: I want to form iBGP IPv6 Unicast neighbor between R2 (regular IOS) and XR1 (IOS XR) via their IPv4 loopback. R2 router bgp 100 neighbor remote-as 100 neighbor 19.19.19....
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  • App for  cisco learning Network

    Hi,   Is there anyone know, what is app name to open this learning network account  and read discussion for these study group (CCNA,CCNP, CCIE. etc)       Thanks A.N
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  • UCS Computer Hardware Naming

    Hello,   could anyone help me understending the nomenclature of the UCS naming.     I know for example in the server B200 M4   B = It is a blade server     2 = Maximum sockets in a n...
    created by Ernesto