• vCPU quota exceeded

    I have a new VIRL environment running and am not able to run just a simple simulation with just 1 switch and a server. No matter what I do, it keeps telling me I have my vCPU quota exceeded.   I am now running i...
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  • Acl help

    Hello guys/gals i am working on a project for school and one of the things we have to do is set up ACL's and create a fully working network with them implemented. My problem is i struggle a lot with grasping acls and ...
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  • New CCDE Study Group - written/practical preparation

    Hi folks,   Together with a friend who recently passed CCIE  SPv4, we decided to pursue CCDE. That said, a new Slack group has been formed. Currently, there are two members only, both are dual CCIE in Routi...
    Marcin Kurek
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  • Free Tutoring for CCNA / CCNP R&S

    I recently passed CCIE R&S , and since I like to teach and I really love the technology , I'm offering FREE TUTORING on any of the CCNA/CCNP R&S subject.   You just need to be around the EST time zone ( ...
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  • default route redistribution from BGP to EIGRP

    Hello all,   I have a different scenario this time, where the learned bgp default route from ISP needs to be redistributed into EIGRP.   I tried "redistribute static" below, that didn't work. What else can...
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  • How to Display Denied Traffic in FMC Dashboard

      I've been reviewing the Dashboard on FMC and I would like to set up an entry for denied traffic.  How would you specify this in one of the panels?  The best I can come up with is listed below, but I'm...
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  • BFD config for ip static route vrf

    Dear all, I would like an opinion on the syntax used for Static BFD routes   I need to establish a BFD session between two routers. Both routers interfaces are within VRF_C. Both router use static route to poi...
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  • Cannot capture packet on EVE using Wireshark

    Hi all, I can't capture packet on EVE. I get msg as show in attached image. Can anyone help me to resolve it. Thank in advance!
    Nam Nguyen
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  • License Check Failing

    HI   I have an issue since I renewed my subscription that my license file keeps failing.  i have attached some screenshots and also the output from running the troubleshooting script.   If anyone can...
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  • VPN on ASA Connection!

    Hi All! I will need your expertise on this question. What we have right now for our remote users through VPN are two links https://linkone and https://linktwo, and basically, if a user put the link one into cisco an...
    Eris Bleta - CCNA R&S
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  • DHCP pool issue on my practice lab

    Hi, I have created my own lab and having problems with the error saying   CORE#conf t%DHCPD-4-PING_CONFLICT: DHCP address conflict: server pinged   here is my config CORE(config)#do sh ru...
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  • I can't telnet to node's monitor,console port

    I can't telnet to node's monitor,console port.. (Only telnet "to it's management port"is displayed.) What should I do?
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  • Dial-Peer incoming question

    Hi, I have a question about the dial-peer voice 1 pots part on below configuration. The sceenshots below are from a video tutorial. On that part of configuration, why did the call connected even if it doesn’t ha...
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  • VXLAN BGP EVPN L2VNI, no routes in BGP L2VPN table - NXOSv

    Hello All, I am doing the VXLAN BGP EVPN Lab using NX-OSv - version 7.0(3)I5(1)   I was able to do the VXLAN flood and learn lab successfully, however not able to succeed in VXLAN BGP EVPN Lab.   I am abl...
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  • CCIE-DC Study Group

    Is anyone around Kansas City preparing for CCIE-DC V2.1 and willing to join me in same?
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  • EVPN NLRI Not Showing Up in Local Router

    Hi,   I am trying to configure EVPN in NX-OSv (version 7.3(0)D1(1)). But the NLRI is not showing up the in local routers BGP l2 evpn table! Following is the config and some show outputs. Any help will be greatly...
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  • Access Control Lists

    Your internal desktop network is in the range.  Keep the Cisco wildcard method of network notation in mind as you answer. Just a spot check!!   Create a Cisco Access Control List entries to al...
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  • Difficulty finding supplemental CCDP 300-320 Practice Exams aside from the Cisco Learning Library.

    Hello.  I am having a difficult time finding supplemental CCDP 300-320 Practice Exams aside from the Cisco Learning Library.  The Cisco Press Study Guide does not have the usual Pearson Activation Key like o...
    created by Anthony
  • IPsec and HMAC

    Hi all,   I know that with HMAC not only a hash is calculated but for this has also a private key is used which only the two Peers now. I read the following Cisco Press article:   The fundamental hash algo...
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  • having trouble installing locklizard 's license llv file

    I've reinstall windows on my PC and unable to register with the license provided but there's an error message "No more license are available for you to register please email %COMPANY% at ........"     and I...
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