• Some PCs can't ping across network

    I've been slowly building up a practice lab in Packet Tracer.  I have a router connected to a switch connected to another switch that has 2 PCs connected.  The PCs are in separate subnets ( and 20.0....
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  • Isn't this strange?

    I was working on changing my default route to ISP so I added the route towards and as you can see the routing table was still using 23.145 even though it has higher AD, it kept the same until I remove ...
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  • VIRL2 Release Date?

    Any estimates as to when VIRL2 will be released? Will it be this year? Next year? Complete and total radio silence on this is getting old. Even if it is such a small amount, we pay for this product and it would be nic...
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  • GNS3: how to use a router as a IPv6 client?

    Hello all,   In GNS3, is there a way to turn a router into a Ipv6 client? I don't find a similar 'ip default-gateway x.x.x.x' ipv4 command in Ipv6.
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  • BGP routing question

    Hi, as you can see on the network topology below im trying to connect all networks with different ASN(numbers on the router) so that they can ping each other   what can i do after adding all directly connected ...
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  • Calculate IPv4 address in Binary Quizzes

    Hello,   Are there any GOOD free practices quizzes out there to help with calculating an IPv4 address in binary?
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  • Migration Tool for the new CCNP exam

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  • Longest Match Rule Yet Packets Still Discarded

    I was justing watching IT PRO TV videos with Todd Lammle R Routing technologies IP Routing (video 30)   He explained Longest Match Rule which I understand and then later in the video he showed how a router will...
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  • Remote Access using any connect

    Hi Friends, I am working with a remote access VPN. I am connecting with my firewall using any connect. When i get connected and received IP then i am able to ping everything in network . e...
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  • VIRL

    is there upcoming promo/discount for VIRL?
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  • Finally made it! CCNP Certified

    Passed TShoot today, and now I understand why some people think this is a fun exam. After having trouble getting route, I passed switch and Tshoot at the first attempt!   Glad to gian this great cert before it r...
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  • MP-BGP... No valid BGP path

    Hi Guys,   I just wanted to ask for some help with an MP-BGP configuration.. I can’t seem to get a valid route in my IPV6 BGP table – Please see configurations below:   Router 4: router bgp 1 ...
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  • CCIE R&S: Performance measure is stated as a percentage.But i have not got .How to get clarity on percentage of each section?

    Dear ALL,   I recently appeared for CCIE lab and got my  results as below;   Your score met the respective minimum required score in all sections, but unfortunately your total score did not meet the n...
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  • VXLAN with BGP EVPN problem on L2VNI

    Hey.   So I introduced BGP/EVPN to my CLOS topology and trying to have L2VNI communication between hosts on different leafs(Leaf 102 <> Leaf103)   TO ENLARGE PIC go here: https://ibb.co/kMoW9K &nb...
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  • CCIE Wireless 3.1 study group written + lab

    Hello everybody,   I'm looking peers to form a study group for the new CCIE Wireless vesion 3.1 written and lab .   My mail: nandomy@outlook.it Skype: nandomy
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  • Why does the command "show ip ospf interface brief" don't exist in Packet Tracer?

    I have the latest Packet Tracer version and whenever I type in the command, it is not recognized. This is annoying, since this command is very helpful in verifying your OSPF configuration. Is there a reason why Packet...
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  • PDU

    Hi CLN   on this lecture, Keith said that PDU is the entire 0`s and 1`s are in L4 , and if L4 is using TCP, then PDU will be called "segments" and if L4 is  using UDP then  the  PDU will be call...
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  • Working on redistribute bgp 1000 metric 100 1 255 1 1500.  What does it mean

    http://www.scsiraidguru.com/VIRL/VIRLSims/BGPRR/router eigrp 100 network network redistribute bgp 1000 metric 100 1 255 1 1500 ! router bgp 1000 bgp log-neighbor-changes network 3.3.3...
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  • CIPTV1 renewal

    Hi, i have CIPTV1 that is valid until the 22nd of December 2019. I am planning in taking/passing CIPTV2 before that date. Will that renew my CIPTV1 as well.   Thanks Antonis
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  • technique for solving subnetting questions quickly

    for example :   Enter the maximum number of valid subnets and usable hosts per subnet that you can get from the network       Enter the valid host range for the network ...
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