• Best practices for VoIP CME implementation

    Hi, I am studying Network Engineering in college. I have this case study:   I need to implement VoIp service on an enterprise network. The main campus site have two buildings.  The main campus has 380 works...
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  • How to install ASAv in gns3?

    I have installed GNS VM in virtualbox but KVM is not supported in virtualbox. Can you tell me how to enable KVM or tell me about other VM machine that support KVM.
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  • How to SSH into devices from jumphost?

    VIRL 5i.1.3.296   After failed attempts on my old projects I've build the tutorial project from scratch and the same issue happens: all routers are unreachable from the jumphost. I've tried all 3 flavors for mgm...
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  • L3out issue

    I am facing issue with L3 out in ACI. I have created L3 out with static routes towardsload balancer. But it works without calling L3 out in BD
    Vaibhav Salgaonkar
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  • VIRL Hangs after upgrade ( 1.3.296 )

    Hi Experts,   I am having issues with VIRL upgrade process. So I installed the 1inf version on ESXi. Which installs fine and all works perfectly. Can create and spin up sims etc, etc. So after registering the pr...
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  • Passed ICND1!

    Hi All,   I passed ICND1 last Saturday and on this occasion I want to thank all of you for support in this study group. At the same time sorry for being lurker here but I had limited time to study and it took me ...
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  • VIRL 1.5 Download

    Has VIRL 1.5 been pulled? I just logged in to download and only 1.3 was available, and it was marked as the latest release.
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  • CCNA Cyber ops certification first our CCNA RS

    Hi guys, I want to specializing in the cyber security area. Should I take the CCNA Cyber ops certification first? Our make first the CCNA RS and then CCNA Cyber ops ? What can you recommend? Regards Andr...
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  • VIRL Status check failing

    Hi, I am having the below issue, with my new key 3K4SdL3i.virl.info.pem, If anyone could help as it costs me money as I am on packet.net, thanks   Failed to collect current salt contact status: Cisco contact wa...
    Mark leibbrandt
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  • IOS update

    Hi All,   We have two Cisco 3750 using stackwise and will be upgrading the ios version in a couple weeks to address some recent Cisco vulnerabilities.   My question is does anyone have any personal experie...
    John C
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    Well just woke up at 10:00 A.M and there comes the mail for step 2 for the cybersecurity scholarship. Completed the exam ~25 minutes or so with 82.1%. I hope i will be accepted for the scholarship. Very nervouusssss!!
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  • Introduction to VRFs

    I'd like to share with you, my introduction to VRF's!   This looks at what VRF's are, and why they're used. There is also some lab config you can download (including a VIRL topology) if you want to try it your s...
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  • My experience with CCIE LAB centers, yes they are not same !

    Hello all,     I am writing this topic for two purposes,   1- Giving you my experience with cisco LAB centers so people choose best options during their CCIE journey   2- Asking about any other ...
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  • CCNA R & S certificate is not delivered

    Hello Dear Supporter, I have passed CCNA R&S certification exam on November 20, 2017 and immediately I have received a congrats message. But I haven't received the certificate yet.   The congrats message...
    Niguss Mehari
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  • VPNV4 routes are not reachable

    Team,   could someone please help me understand why VPNv4 routers learnt are not reachable vice-versa, even though i see the source destination networks on both sides of MP bgp routers.   R7# R7#sh bgp vp...
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  • vinstall rehost lasts forever

    Hello,   When I do some changes to System Configuration (ex. domain name or NTP) using UWM, and after I proceed with Apply changes, there are three jobs running: state.sls virl.vinstall, vinstall salt, and vinst...
    Krzysztof Zaleski
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  • Bienvenido al Foro de Discusion en Espanol

    Le invitamos a Uds. a compartir experiencias, hacer preguntas, ofrecer respuestas, y disfrute de la comunidad!
    Ann Marcus
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  • no valid source address for ipv6 multicast

    Hi Guys,   I am getting the follwoing message when i try to ping an IPv6 group address from PE inside a VRF, i did a little bit search but could not find any documentation on this. not sure if this is related to...
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  • Can someone who has recently passed the CCIE R&S written please share their reading list?

    Hi All,   As the above question suggests, please can someone who has recently passed the CCIE R&S written exam share their reading list? I am planning to start my studies and cannot find anyone who has recen...
    Inquisitive Hustler
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  • CCNP R&S certified, I got it!!!

    Thanks to God, I got the CCNP R&S certificate. I studied for 1 year or more aproximately and I didn't have much money for the exams, but finally I could pass the three exams: ROUTE|SWITCH and today TSHOOT   E...
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