• Can someone check my packet tracer

    To make it easier I have upload my work. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong and how to fix my mistakes?                               &...
    created by Tariq
  • DHCP failed. APIPA is being used

    Help!!!!! I have uploaded my packet tracer for further assistance   What am I doing wrong?
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  • IP default-network vs ip route

    Someone please explain what is the difference between the commands on the title and when to use one or another.   Thanks in advance.
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  • Study Sessions

    Anybody interested on participating in weekly study sessions? I started working on ICND1, I am using the Wendell book.  We can review chapters or practice as we move forward.
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  • Unstable Port Forwarding

    Hi everyone,   I have created a small SOHO scenario at home where my end devices are connected to my ADSL modem/router. My ISP is always assigning me with a public IP address because I need to access my cams fro...
    Roland Renno
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  • Introduction to Networking

    For anyone just starting out, I've created a small 'Introduction to Networking' video.   It's meant to help anyone who's completely new to networking get started. A second part is in the works, which will cover ...
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  • CCNA Level Subnetting

    Quick question to you guys. For CCNA level do you think it is neccessary to "master" binary conversion for subnetting or standart subnetting math will do just fine. I know you have to be pretty quick with the subnetti...
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  • How to be a teacher/instructor?

    hello everybody,   my question is simple, how to  be a cisco instructor?   thank you.
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  • Frame relay switch lab - loopback/32 interface advertised as class A address

    Hello,   I was experimenting on packet tracer  with a hub and spoke network and encountered an unexpected output while testing eigrp route advertisement. A frame relay cloud is handling packets between R1-...
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  • HELP!!!!!!

    So i am supposed to be able to ping address   I am having issues with :   1. My trunks, I can't connect to my PCs- through DHCP   2. Which interfaces to allow   3. Verification ...
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  • Does VTP work over Layer3 etherchannel?

    I want to verify with experts here. I've spent a few hours trying to make VTP3 and VTP2 work over this layer3 etherchannel in GNS3.   Then it dawned on me. VTP is layer 2 protocol. This etherchannel is layer3. ...
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  • Network Operations Technician @ Century Link

    Because I got my CCNA along with some IT support experience, I was offered a job at Century Link working a Network Operation Technician. Who in here had work at Century Link working on their IT network infrastructure?...
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  • Practical way to duplicate VLAN info to all switches

    Since VTP is kinda dangerous and it can cause problem in a not well-secured facility, would it be a good idea to use VTP transparent on all all switches?   And only to turn on VTP server/client mode for the mome...
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  • New form of GUI-based simulation exam questions

    Hi.   I'm reading a book called "31 days before CCNA Routing &Switching Exam", and there's the following statement:   "A newer form of the simulation question is the GUI-based simulation, which simulat...
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  • ccna aci

    hi all, i have been reading the final topic of ccna which the sdn but i could not understand about cisco aci for acip and acipem my wrong understanding that aci need a hardware device like nexus switches which ...
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  • Real lab

    Hi all, i am working on pppoe topic and I donot have real gears to practise this . Long time ago somebody share the link for real lab https://www.reallabs.org/cart/ Here on this forum . I want to use this lab . Do...
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  • cisco cli analyzer

    dear all, may i know what is cisco cli analyzer and what is used for . please reply soon its urgant.
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  • Spanning Tree Protocol convergence question

    Hi ,   I know there are four main steps for any topology of switches to form a  spanning tree using STP :   1) Elect root bridge 2) Select root ports 3) Select designated ports 4) Block all remain...
    AbdAllah Talaat
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  • Configuration guides <== Newbies should know this

    I feel you experts should let newbies like me know from early on that there are configuration guides for each router or switch. And I'm not a total newbie. But I just found it out now. I wish I had known this years ag...
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  • Quick question???

    When setting up ip nat source static how do you know which pc or address I should say to use as the inside address?
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