• What is the difference between line vty 0 4 & line vty 0 15

    What is the difference between       line vty 0 4 & line vty 0 15. Why is it used in different scenarios ?
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  • Does 1Gb Ethernet actually go as fast as 1Gb?

    Hello all,   I'm reading up QoS chapter on CCNA ICND2 OCG. It has the following paragraphes and the chart.   This leads me to a very basic question, does 1Gb Ethernet actually go as fast as 1Gb? Because if...
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  • Why we use "ascii " when we configure # ip dhcp client client-id ascii pc1

    Why we use "ascii " when we configure # ip dhcp client client-id ascii pc1   How is this
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  • STP Port cost on trunks vs setting stp port cost on access ports

    Hi , Can someone please explain why setting the stp costs on trunks has an impact on switch's rout cost, whereas setting stp costs on access ports does not.
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  • ICND 1 Practice

    Which address and wildcard mask combination can be represented with the keyword "any"? A. B. I found this question in an ICND 1 Practice Exam. The answe...
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  • SSH port numbers

    i have read that the default port number for SSH is 22. but people can change it and use to whatever they like. how is it possible? how does it work? can someone share useful information?   what could be the po...
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  • CCNA Recertify

    Hello Cisco Community friends!   My CCNA R&S will expire in November of this year, and i was looking for  the best option to renew my cert. I am going to start my CCNA Cyber Ops Scholarship program in ...
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  • Where can I find a list of slash notations?

    I recently took the ICND1 exam and achieved CCENT and now I'm working on a network engineer "toolbox" and was wondering where I could find a list of slash notations.
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  • More IP Addressing

    Two weeks ago, I posted a video on the basics of how IP addresses work. There was too much for a single video, so here's the rest. I hope it helps with your exam!   This looks at B U M traffic, private addresses,...
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  • NTP config confusion

    Hi all,   I'm a bit confused as to what Cisco is expecting for NTP in the ICND1.   '4.5 Configure and verify NTP operating in client/server mode'   Am I correct in thinking for this all I need to do ...
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    Hi Guys,   Greetings,   Is there anyone here that can help me to find a tool, an application or any resources that is suited for the separation of guest users from internal wifi access.   You're resp...
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  • Learned something new about traceroute

    Hello all,   When doing traceroute on routers or tracert on Windows, how many of you thought it specifically pings each hub and gets replies?   The output below always misleads me to think it specifically ...
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  • System ID extension in BID for STP

    Hi ,   Why does the 4-bit priority field has to be in the multiple of 4096 under System ID extension for STP?
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  • How IP Addressing Works

    If you're just starting out, you will soon find that IP Addressing is everywhere! If you've been studying for a while, you will realize that it's something that you need to know in depth.   To help you along, her...
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  • How to get DHCP pool from a remote server

    Hi Everyone,   Please me with my problem, I have configure R1 to be a DHCP server and created several pools for the VLANs (VLAN 1,2,3) except VLAN1 (its not being used).   R1(config-if)#do show running-conf...
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  • IPSec over GRE tunnel. Seeing only one ISAKMP SA

    Hello all,   With Sara's help, I corrected two errors with my IPSec configs. Now IPSec is up and running. With Wireshark, I can see pings between both PCs are encrypted with ESP.   But if I run "show crypt...
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  • find out nr of subnets?

    How many subnets and how many hosts per subnets can you create from ? MY WORKOUT subnet mask .224 means 5 bits for hosts, the remaining ones for subnet portion. nr. subnets = 2^(27-24)...
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  • Cisco switch not showing CPU/fan/temp sensors in SNMP

    Hi,   I am trying to configure PRTG to monitor some of my SG300 series managed switches but I am only able to discover ping, https etc sensors. I want ot monitor CPU utilization, temperature, fan status etc with...
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  • problem with extended access-list

    hi,   i am facing an issue with an extended access-list, hoping to get some clarification.   Scenario: I want the systems in VLAN 5 1) NOT to be able to access any network resources like printers, sha...
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  • IPSec over GRE. Help needed with troubleshooting

    Hello all,   I have the following topology of two branches trying to connect with each other with IPSec over GRE.   GRE was working and verified with trace from PC1 to PC2. But my IPSec (transport mode) se...
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