• Speed calculation

    There is this .org website that calculates 7.45058 seconds to transfer or download 1GB data over a Gigabit-Ethernet connection. I don't know how it gets that or if it's wrong.   CalcTool: Data transfer time calc...
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  • Public and private ip

    if we configure a portion of our big private network with public range ips and connect our private network to internet with a rented public ip from isp then how a conflict between a public internet based ip and the sa...
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  • Router command

    Dear Team,   I'm happy and thankful to everyone who are periodically help me in my questions....   As today i have another question : 1) How we can check which is the routing protocol is running as primar...
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  • BGP, iBGP and eBGP

    Hello My friends       I hope you are all doing okay and enjoying health, I am planning to take CCNA exam withing this month but i would like to make sure if BGP, iBGP and eBGP are included ...
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  • How to check configured BW on itnerface

    Dear Team,   1) How we can check that what BW is configured on interface on router   Please share your comments
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  • If i have configured router with a etherchannel of two interface. In this condition should i create sub-interface for vlan or i can use this interface instead of sub-interface?

    as i know that for inter-vlan routing we create sub-interface on router for each vlan but if i create a etherchannel then i have to create sub-interface or i can each interface in etherchannel as sub-interface?
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  • (100-101)ICND1/(200-101)ICND2 or Composite Exam(200-120) ???

    Hello CLN,   I am studying CCNA R&S. So, What would be the option to pass the exam? Composite or ICND1/ICND2?   Thanks.
    Binod Syangtan
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  • Cisco Catalyst 2960X-48LPS-L Switch SFP Converter

    Is it possible to take a switch such as this: Cisco Catalyst 2960X-48LPS-L Switch And although it does not come with SFP+, but is there something I can buy that will plug into the SFP slot to convert it to SFP+ fo...
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  • Public and private Address

    If we configure a public range ip address in our private network and then connect the network to internet using a public ip address obtained from ISP then how the conflict and overlapping between the public address we...
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  • Wireless Lan Controller CCNA

    Hello Everyone     Hope my message finds you well, Can anyone help me by providing links for Wireless LAN controller material to study.   Thank you in advance 
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  • ICND1 Cisco Press book - no Appendix M study planner on DVD

    Hello all,   I am trying to pursue the CCNA again, and going to do the 2 step route. I had a few Cisco Press books for 100-101 and 200-xxxx that are now retired. I have purchased ICND1 book Cisco Press 100-105 b...
    Nick Eklund
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  • bgp question

    Hi, To reach from R1 TO , in R2 what are the configurations required   Thanks
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  • STP path calculation when VLANs are blocked

    What happens to the STP calculation when you block VLANs from sending/recieving on  a trunk port?   Are BPDUs still sent across that link and therefore are part of the STP tree calculation or does excluding...
    Mike Gannon
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  • 4 servers, 8 interfaces. 2 per server.

    This Question is part of my assignment . I have to make an Topology, but I am not able to understand these lines in my assignment " if we plan to connect 4 servers, we will need 8 interfaces. 2 per server."  Pl...
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  • inter vlan routing

    vlan 10- pc-1-int fa0/2 pc-2 int fa0/3 vlan 20- pc-3-int fa0/4 pc-4-int fa0/5     switch fa0/1 going to the router and its tr...
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  • CDP

    A quick and simple question about CDP,   - Is it disabled/Enabled by default? - if it was disabled, what would be the cause of this without manually disabling it. ******************************* R1#show cdp ...
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  • VRRP and LLDP

    Why are VRRP, GLBP and Netflow removed from CCNA? Are they obsolete or are they moved to CCNP?   Why can't I find the command "show LLDP " or "LLDP run" on C7200 router (IOS 15.2)?
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  • Speed Expectancy

    What can one person expect speed wise if you have a windows server with a 1000 Mbps connection?   For example if I hard wire into the 2960 X switch, in which the server is plugged in on, when I go to copy someth...
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  • How to study for CCNA FREE

    I Prepared This Document to help those who are financially strapped but are really willing to work hard to learn about Cisco Technologies.  I have already Passed CCNA, BSCI,BCMSM,BCRAN [Although Expired] .  ...
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  • Patch Panel to Patch Panel Pinout?

       I've got some questions. I"ve got a a couple of windows servers plugged into a vertical patch panel 5e, in which from the vertical patch panel, it is punched down to the horizontal patch panel, in which ...
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