• Help with topic for master thesis

    Hi all,   I am pursuing my masters degree and I am having trouble with finding a topic for my master thesis.   I wanted to be connected with making something in Packet Traces or GSN3. The mentor gave some ...
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  • Happy Internatianal Women´s Day 2018!!

    Everyday should be considered....Women's  Day!!!   I salute today with deep admiration and respect all the Great IT Networking Women within the Cisco Learning Network.           Re...
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  • Stop discrimination in IT and Networking Industry!

    Hi everyone,   In my opinion discrimination in IT and networking is not only limited to gender bias but also in other areas such as race and nationality.   Let me share my experience with you, as a Irani...
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  • Back into IT

    Hi, I am a software engineer and have worked for Oracle, but after having my children i stopped working for a few years. At this moment it is really hard to find any work if you were out of the field even after follo...
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  • Help with network issues.

    Hello, I wasn't sure where to ask.. I thought I would give it a try here. A friend is at his work and had this to say.....     Does anyone have any idea how to solve this issue? They are using Windows 10 if...
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  • Real Talk; How to close the wage gap

    It's often uncomfortable to talk about, but even more uncomfortable to live under. I'm talking about the gender wage gap. As a double minority, I am poised to live with some of the lowest wages, regardless of how hard...
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  • Open Discussion Thread for Working in Cisco TAC Webinar

    Greetings,   Please use this open discussion thread for follow-up questions and discussion regarding today's Women in Networking Webinar: Working in Cisco TAC.   During the session we will be discussing ca...
  • Two women in tech awarded the highest civilian honor

    Presidential Medal of Freedom awards go to top computer scientists | Ars Technica
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  • Did you apply for the CyberOps scholarship?

    Greetings All,   Just checking in to see if any of the ladies applied for the CyberOps certification scholarship and heard back? If so, let me know if you would be interested in having an accountability partner ...
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  • Attend 4 live sessions for chance to win a Cisco mentorship

    Did you hear???!!! Cisco is hosting a series of events highlighting women in tech beginning November 29th. If you attend all 4 live sessions you can qualify to win a 6 month mentorship from Vanessa Sulikowski, Cisco's...
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  • IT consultant

    Hi, my name is Khadijah.  I am from Malaysia,  graduated in Bachelor's degree , from Universiti Putra Malaysia, majoring in Computer Network. Not  with a good grades. I remember in final year, i went to...
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  • Welcome to Women in Networking!

    Thank you for your interest in Women in Networking.   The purpose of this space is to highlight and support the efforts of women in IT networking careers.   Participate by adding an inspiring blog, video,...
    Kay Berkel
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  • assisance for a tech job

    Hi, would this nework gives assistance to womens to find jobs in networking filed?
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  • need an assistance for a tech job

    Hi, would this nework gives assistance to womens to find jobs in networking filed?
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  • I have to post something here

    Greeting to all,   I'm glad to be the 22th member in this group. I'm single and available   Looking forward to learning from all of you.   Learner
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  • Ozden Karakok

    Her profile info here on The Cisco Learning Network is modest and humble, but triple CCIE, Webinar Presenter, Cisco Live Speaker, Cisco Press Author and now member of the WIN group; Ozden Karakok is a force to reckon ...
  • Happy Women's Day !!!

    Women's Day should be....Everyday!!!   I salute todaly with deep respect and admiration all the Great IT Networking Women within the Cisco Learning Network.    Regards, Gus
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  • Pleasant surprise.

    This is a pleasant surprise. Thank you Kay, Brett, Matt, Susan. We need this.
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