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    for installation of VIRL


      could not install the VIRL successfully

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          Dear support


          I am installing VIRL, and got error message as below:

          Failed to collect current salt contact status: Cisco contact was not established. This may be temporary. Please make sure the VIRL server is connected to the Internet and capable of reaching the configured Cisco master. Also make sure that the minion key provided to you matches your minion ID and domain, and remains valid. Current status is: Minion rejected by master. Last license renewal final result was (2019-02-24 00:58:07): The minion public key was rejected; please contact support.

          Status check is failing. It may be temporary and resolve itself after a few minutes, or else should be fixed by resetting the configuration.

          what could be the reason and how to solve the problem?

          Thanks in advance.