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    Network and Security Design - Study Materials/Certs


      Hi Cisco Community,


      I hope everyone is doing well.


      I'm looking to dig deep in to the world of network design.  I would like to pick up the skills and knowledge with network design and security as a whole, but specifically with difficult tasks like segmenting an open network infrastructure in to a more logistic manner, according to certain services and traffic flows and types (ie, voice, data, video).  For eg, many environments have security vulnerabilities when a network is flat, with no zoning which segregate the above services, there are no logical groupings defined, and all services are open.  I would like to pick up on the skills of re-designing or improving network design, creating perimeter points, drawings and recommending particular solutions on how to make the network more efficient and secure.


      In addition to Physical layer designs, I would like to pick up the Logical skills on how and where to deploy the correct hardware throughout the network (routing/switching/security (fw), how to lay out and choose the correct vlans, subnets, interfaces, virtual routers (firewalls), and map everything out.


      Also, I would like to dig deeper on Extranet and Internet environments, WAN/Dedicated Circuits with 3rd party vendors or remote offices, in terms of the best practices with design and security.


      I would love some advice to get started immediately with emerging myself in some knowledge. Does anyone have any recommended books, video series, certifications I should begin to focus on? I have purchased the CCDA

      Official Cert Guide Premium Edition, as I believe this will be a great start (unless someone can recommend otherwise).


      Any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you.

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          Hi John,


          Welcome to the Cisco Learning Network!


          I understand you want to start your CCDA journey.

          Always a good place to start is with an overview and the exam topics, so you are aware of what you need as pre-requisites and what you need to study in order to pass your CCDA certification.  You can check the overview of the CCDA certification and download the Exam Topics (PDF. format) at the following links:


          Design (CCDA)


          DESGN Exam Topics


          Also you can find here at the Cisco Learning Network valuable FREE study material and practice at the following links:


          DESGN Exam Topics


          DESGN Practice


          Additionally here at the Cisco Learning Network you can find a very good FREE "Practical Network Design Fundamentals" webinar series, so you start getting more in dept knowledge that will be very beneficial for your CCDA studies.  You can check it out at the following link:


          Practical Network Design Fundamentals - CCDP Webinars


          Its good that you already have the CCDA book from Cisco Press, other self study resources you might want to consider from Cisco Press for the CCDA certification exam are here:  CCDA Training - Cisco Certification - Cisco Press > Certification Info


          Finally, I would advice you to join the "CCDA Study Group" here at the Cisco Learning Network, so you can go ahead ask your questions related to your CCDA preparation and also read questions/answers from other community members.  You can join the CCDA study group from the following link:


          CCDA Study Group


          Finally, I  hope you find this information helpful for you and I wish you all the best in your CCDA certification studies.



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            Hello Gus,


            Much appreciated for that detailed response.  I have already begun studying for the CCDA this week, so I'm glad I am on the right track.  In addition to CCDA, are there any other certs, courses, or training which is recommended, specifically about security and hardening?


            Thank you

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              Hello John,


              I am glad I could help you out and more glad to know that you are on the right track. 

              I understand you want to understand what other Cisco certification tracks are available for security and hardening.

              In that case, I recommend that you check the complete offering of Cisco certification tracks available at the following link:


              There you will see all the complete tracks for Associate, Professional and Expert levels including Specialist tracks available within Cisco. 


              Also at the Cisco Networking Academy, you can find FREE courses that you can take and guide you toward your professional needs.  You can check them out at the following link:

              Cisco Networking Academy Builds IT Skills & Education For Future Careers


              I hope this will be helpful for you.