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    Pass the 200-125 YOU CAN DO IT!


      I JUST passed my CCNA exam today! Im here to tell anyone who is reading this that IT'S POSSIBLE, dont give up, believe in yourself, YOU DONT NEED TO CHEAT, and most importantly keep fighting! Some background on me... Last year I had no clue about anything IT related. I use to tinker with computers because I was the only person who knew enough to navigate the interface to get what I needed done. I did a complete career change to IT sometime around May of last year and got certified in comptia Net+ then I took my CCNA class. I studied CCNA until it leaked out of my ear. I was SICK OF IT! There were times I wanted to give up. There were times where I thought I would never pass. There were times that I thought this wasnt for me... dark times. The test became more mental than anything else. Long after I read all 2,000 pages of Cisco's guide (twice) and had taken no less than 2,000 exam questions (no im not exaggerating) and did hundreds and hundreds of hours of packet tracer. I took my test the first time I didnt pass I was up the night before (kids) and couldnt go back to sleep. By the time I took the test I was lethargic and didnt get in gear until 45min in. Need less to say I didnt finish but I was close had i finished i could have been a 5%er. Today was my second try and I passed. SO to all those who get discouraged DONT! Push on! Keep fighting youll get there!

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          Hi Steve-Oh,

          Welcome to the Cisco Learning Network!

          Congratulations on obtaining your CCNA R&S certification.  Great achievement!!

          You had the determination and commitment to continue even though after not passing your first try on the exam.

          Definitely you are a great role model for everyone that wants to pursue their certifications.

          Well done Steve-Oh!!!! Yes, you did it!!!!!  Also very valuable your voice of advice and encouragement. 

          I wish you all the best in your networking career.



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            Juergen Ilse CCNA R&S

            Congratulations! Grear achievement! I think, the combined exam is really not easy. I took ICND2 november last year the first time for renewing my CCNA R&S, and i think, the "2 exam approach" may be easier than the combined exam ... When i took the combined exam (but not version 3.0 but version 2.0) in november 2015, i needed about 10 minutes frpm the "30 minutes time bonus for non native english speakers", but with ICND2 for renewing my certification i needed less than the regular exam time without that time bonus. So i think, the 2 exam approach seems to be easier than the combined exam, but you are right: even the combined exam is possible. I just wouldn't recommend the combined exam for anyone without experience with cisco exams.

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              Congrats! Good job!

              Go ahead in your new challenges!


              Best regards!

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                Well done Steve-Oh!


                Thank you for your motivating post.


                I have a single 18 month old daughter whom sometimes sucks the life out of me hahaha, and I do struggle to continue studying or remaining in the "zone".


                What tips can you share with us in how you managed your work-family-study balance?


                What are you next goals now that you have achieved your CCNA?


                Take care and cheers mate,



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                  Thanks Gus! I felt I had to post this because all you see when youre looking for information about the exam is how hard it is to pass and how many people struggle with it and dont make it. After reading a hundred of these you could get discouraged. It starts to wear away at you. I wanted to encourage others not to listen to that garbage.

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                    I have to agree that i think taking the 2 exam approach might have been easier but I was limited on options and I had to "go hard or go home". For those in the same scenario as me they can know that it is possible but they have to really commit themselves to this material.

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                      I'll be honest Jesus I owe all the credit to my wife. Right now im a stay at home dad/student so when she gets home I pitch the 2 kids off to her and lock myself in the office with my laptop put on some headphones and jam out to packet tracer/exams/reading material until it's time to put everyone to bed. On weekends I go to the library and reserve a room for the day to get some of the more difficult material. I didnt have any study partners I kinda went at this solo. So if you have a class mate it would help a lot. But I feel your pain my daughters are 2 and 8 months so they want all of my attention. Without my wife to buy me some study time I would have never completed this.
                      The next steps for me are to nail my comptia Sec+ and cisco sec exams and find a sponsor for clearance and work in the IT security field. I also have my PMP scheduled as well. After I start working i'll be able to afford more class work for more certs (CEH, Certified Pen tester, CISSP, CCIE) not that im looking forward to that list of classwork LOL but for now baby steps LOL