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    CCNA Wireless 200-355 certification requirement criteria


      I cleared the CCNA 200-355 exam, I have CCIE written in Datacenter on the basis of which my CCNA R&S got renewed and I also attempted the CCIE lab during the period.

      About a week back I gave the CCNA 200-355 exam since I had some background in that and was able to see that the other exams I gave made me eligible to write this exam. I did not give the 640-721 or 640-722. Now the status in the Certification for CCNA wireless shows in progress. Does that mean I still need to give the 640-721 or 640-722 to get completed and get the certificate ?

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          Hi Bossom,


          First of all, Congratulations on clearing your CCNA 200-355 exam.

          I understand you have the CCIE Datacenter written exam, but you have not taken yet the CCIE Datacenter Lab exam

          In order to Officially be certified as CCNA Wireless.  You need to have at least the CCENT certification or a valid CCNA R&S certification or a CCIE certification.  In this last point, you have the CCIE Datacenter written exam, but since you still are pending the Lab exam to obtain your CCIE Datacenter certification.   Then you have not completed yet your CCIE Datacenter certification.

          Its important that you complete the pre-requirements in order to obtain your CCNA Wireless, you can verify this information at the following screenshot and the link below:


          Link to confirm the information above:  Wireless (CCNA Wireless)

          Keep in mind that the 640-721 and 640-722 are CCNA Wireless exams that were retired long time ago (2012).  Those exams are no longer valid.  You dont need those exams, you only need ONE of the prerequisites mentioned above to get your CCNA Wireless certificate.


          I hope this clarifies your question and I wish you all the best in your Cisco certification journey.