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    question about a scenario i have


      Hi All,

      I have a scenario where i need a little help. it's like a Router on a stick config but with a firewall in the middle. I have a cisco switch, a sophos firewall and the rv340 router. i have setup 2 vlans on the switch and same vlans on the rv340 router. On the firewall however, i have configured it in the bridge mode (lan and wan ports are configured as bridge and they are bridged to passthrough the traffic) and the gateway for this bridge interface is the vlan1 subinterface on the router ( If i ping vlan 1 interface from the switch (, it is successful but when i ping the vlan 2 router interface ( from the switch, it is not working. Because the firewall bridge interface has it's gateway set as (vlan1), when i ping router vlan2 interface, will the router automatically push the traffic onto vlan 2 interface and let it reply the ping?